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Default Re: [WAR XI] Guardian Units of Nations

Blaze is one of if not the coolest female characters in the Sonic universe, Sabi. The mass fan response was overwhelmingly positive compared to the other female characters in the series who were either just supporting characters or fragile in comparison to the guys. That you're playing her I know you'll do her justice. She is a game lead and would be a target. You'll have your hands full with just her.

Although Amy can be awesome when she wants to be, she generally doesn't want to and is often portrayed as the weak heroine who runs after her man. Blaze on the other hand is the awesome girl, and people just want to like her because she's a strong female lead in her games. It just makes for a very likeable character. Rush is a hit and I personally want more Sonic and Blaze action.

On the other hand, Grassy dislikes her. :(
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