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Default [WAR XI] Team Obscurity

Team Obscurity

Le Quote:
Everybody is so talented nowadays that the only people I care to honor as deserving real distinction are those who remain in obscurity.
-Thomas Hardy (an avid fan of the obscure)

The lowdown:
Team Obscurity has a rather vague history. Nobody really knows where they come from, why there here, or what they stand for. Their morals are just as obscure as their history.

The one thing team obscurity does endorse with any degree of clarity is ambiguity. If that isn’t foggy enough for you, try reading this paragraph again while looking through a kaleidoscope – It helps promote obscurity.

It has been called to our attention that obscurity is a rather unclear goal when it comes to role playing. To clarify what role obscurity plays, know that obscurity is power. From a role-players standpoint, this means we seek to take away power from everyone else and keep our own power intact through informational warfare. The less anyone knows about us, the more dangerous we become, and the more exposure we can bring to everyone else, the less powerful they grow.

In the interest of remaining obscure, we ask that all further discussion of the nature, position, and plans held by Team Obscurity be conducted via PM, Email, or IM. Less serious topics (anything not pertaining to the RP) should still be discussed in this thread.

Our hazy goal is to function as a team of obscure origin, nature, and motive. We march against clarity and lucidity everywhere to prove that roundabout means in many instances doth confound just about everyone. And cheese.

In the eyes of Team Obscurity, anonymity is both a luxury, and a valuable commodity. We will control this resource which most look down upon in order to protect ourselves and expose everyone else. Knowledge is power, but only over what you know about. We want power over everyone while giving nobody power over us.

Application Form

Name: Even obscurity has a name.
War Experience: There may be an obscure purpose for this section.
War Intrests: Even specificity can have a place in obscurity. (Wi-Fi Battling, Pokemon Online Battling, Creative Writing, URPG, Debate, Voice Acting, Graphic Art, Drawn Art, Pixel Art, Role Playing.)
Commitment: Are you committed? (To what, some may ask…)


Obscurity Incarnate: Brainiac (Pokemon Online Battling, Creative Writing, URPG, Role Playing)
Obscure Citizen: MK (-Pichu Boy-) (Pokemon Online Battling, Creative Writing, URPG, Sprite Art)
Obscure Citizen: Bakura (Pokemon Online Battling, Creative Writing, URPG, Wi-Fi Battling, Role-playing, Debate)
Obscure Citizen: Cheerful Cherubi (Creative Writing, Debate, Voice acting, Pixel Art)
Obscure Citizen: Candide (Pokemon Online Battling, URPG, Debate)
Obscure Citizen: Limit453 (Pokemon Creative Writing, Graphics, Role Playing)
Obscure Citizen: White Knight (Anime Style Battle League, POL, Drawn Art)
Obscure Citizen: Cloud (CloudofNines) (Role Play)

Team Obscurity’s Code of Ambiguity:

1) Never Reveal everything.
8) Some are more equal than others, yet equality is universal.
4) Spamming is frowned upon, even in obscurity.
5) This thread shall be kept suitable for Under 13’s.
7) Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever. - Napoleon Bonaparte (a man of obscure height)

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