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Default Re: Latio-Reol vs. haybalebarn


HP: 7%
Energy: 26%
Condition: EXHUASTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HP: 2%
Condition: ALSO EXHUASTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Round 7

Striker panted hard, watching as Latio-Reol prepared to draw RAAM back into his pokéball. Growling, the dog-like Pokémon rushed forward, glowing with dark energy. RAAM watched with wide eyes as the red light of his pokéball began to engulf him. Before he could be called back to safety, Striker hit him with quite a blast of power. RAAM groaned and swayed where he stood, falling to his knees as he was pulled back. Striker smirked and stepped back a few paces, waiting to see his next opponent.
[Striker: -6 Energy| RAAM: -21 HP, KO]

Latio-Reol carefully chose his next Pokémon and threw the red and white capsule into the air. A deep blue Pokémon appeared after a flash of red, and Scyez growled in anger at the Pokémon who had hurt her teammate.

Scyez was sent out!

[Scyez] Riolu (Female)
HP: 47%
Energy: 61%
Status: Time to fight…AGAIN...

Striker growled, knowing she was faster than this little pup. She concentrated all the mental energy she could into her head blade before launching herself forward at tremendous speed. Scyez couldn’t react fast enough, and was hit dead on by the psychic attack. Her body shook as she closed her eyes, trying to recover from the blow. Striker panted hard, padding back to her trainer. She wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer….
[Striker: -8 Energy| Scyez: -21 HP]
(Critical hit rolled a 4064, where rolling 1250 or less resulted in a critical hit.)

Scyez knew Striker wasn’t going to switch out and smirked as she straightened her little body. Her little fists clenched and she ran at the Absol, a small battle cry sounding in her throat. Once she got close, she swept her leg around, catching Striker’s knees. The Absol crashed to the ground and didn’t move. Haybalebarn withdrew his fainted Pokémon and Scyez smirked. Payback is a ******!
[Scyez: -26 Energy| Striker: -42 HP, KO]
(Critical hit rolled a 4181, where rolling 625 or less resulted in a critical hit.)

Round 7 END


[Scyez] Riolu (Female)
HP: 26%
Energy: 35%
Status: It hurts...but I can do this...!!

Haybalebarn will send out his next Pokémon and give his moves.
Latio-Reol will then post his moves.

Ref Notes:
- Striker move roll was 2, with 2 = Psycho Cut
- Striker did not switch, so Scyez uses roar
- Striker is faster that Scyez, Striker attacks first
- Scyez stats were reset since she was withdrawn earlier in the battle

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