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Default [WAR XI] Revolution Uprising [FULL]

Revolution Uprising

Banner made by Pickleboy

★ Revolution Uprising ★
Revolution Uprising (RU) is known for it's strategic battlers and strong Pokemon. These battlers are peaceful, yet challenging opponents. We never back down from a challenge and we always fulfill our goals. We accept any members who think they can handle the hardcore training of RU. RU is a training camp located on a small island in between Johto and Hoenn, where the two region's strongest Pokemon reside. This makes even the easiest of tasks difficult, because these Pokemon are always searching for a battle. Pokemon like Tyranitar and Metagross team up to win here. Pokemon from other regions come here who think they are suitable for the challenge, like Hydreigon and Garchomp. Do you have what it takes?

★ About RU ★
We are not a violent group of trainers. However, we are also not the easiest, but one of the hardest trainers there are in the WAR XI Competition. We fight to win when so we can defend our superb reputation. If you have no experience WAR, or if you have tons, you are welcome here. You will experience growth and you will be trained to be one of the very best contestants there is in the WAR XI Competition, along with our other members!

★ Main WAR Mascots ★
(You don't have to use these as your mascot, but these are the main ones!)


★ Ban Points ★

Ban points are a "countdown" to when you are banned from the Revolution. Everyone starts out with three, and they lose one every time they break some sort of rule. There is no gaining ban points. If you lose all three, you WILL be banned. Please, Behave!

You will lose Points if you:
- Harass other members
- Make a threat to ANYONE in the team
- Curse out of control (If you limit cussing it isn't going to deduct points, but it is still unnecessary!)
- Break PE2K Rules on purpose or repeatedly
- If you have any suggestions, please, tell me so I can add it!

Typhlosion Explosion - 3
Kaoru - 3
Eternal Moonlight - 3
Neonsands - 3
5TailedDemonLizard - 3
Velocity - 3
narphoenix - 3
Latio-Nytro - 3
Arch Enemy - 3
Max0596 - 3
mintjelly - 3
Etymology - 3

★ AIM List ★

Typhlosion Explosion - sjolteon
Kaoru - MissyBerlitz
Eternal Moonlight - winterthundra
Neonsands - NeonsandsURPG
5TailedDemonLizard - (No AIM)
Velocity - (No AIM)
narphoenix - (No AIM)
Latio-Nytro - (No AIM)
Arch Enemy - imsrrycarissa
Max0596 - (No AIM)
mintjelly - edenabra
Etymology - bluejellojelly

★ Joining the Revolution ★

Simply fill out this form:

WAR Skills(WAR Categories - Fan Fiction, Creative Writing, Graphic Art, Drawn Art, Sprite Art, Debate, Pokémon Online Battling, URPG, Wi-Fi Battling, Humor, Voice Acting, Role Playing, etc):
Preferred Mascot:
Trainer Sprite (any kind of appropriate trainer sprite!):
Why You Want to Join(There is no "bad" Answer):
Past WAR Experience(If any):
AIM Username(If applicable):

★ Approvers ★
(These people can Approve/Decline new applicants.)
★ Typhlosion Explosion ★
★ Kaoru ★
★ Eternal Moonlight ★

(NO ONE else may Approve. If so, It does NOT count and you will lose one ban point. So please, don't approve if you are not listed. Thank You! :D)

★ Members ★

- Typhlosion Explosion - Typhlosion - Debate/Wi-Fi Battling/Pokemon Online/URPG

- Eternal Moonlight- Snivy - Fan Fiction/Creative Writing/Role Playing

- Kaoru - Hydreigon - Wi-Fi Battling/URPG/Drawn Art

- Neonsands - Durant - URPG

- 5TailedDemonLizard - Metagross - Creative Writing/Drawn Art/Sprite Art/Voice Acting/ASBL

- Velocity - Serperior - Creative Writing /Drawn Art/Pixel Art/Role-Playing/URPG

- narphoenix - Blaziken - Fan Fiction/Creative Writing/Debate/Humor/Role Playing/ASBL

- Latio-Nytro - Role-Play/Fan Fiction/Humor/ASBL

- Arch Enemy - ASBL/Pokemon Online

- Max0596 - Flareon - Fan Fiction/Creative Writing/Role Playing/Debate

- mintjelly - Charizard - Wi-Fi Battling/Voice Acting

- Etymology - Vanillite - Fan Fiction/Creative Writing/Sprite Art/Debate

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