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Default Re: [WAR XI] Revolution Uprising

Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
Name: Velocity!
WAR Skills: Creative writing, drawn art, pixel art, role-playing, URPG.
Preferred Mascot:
Trainer Sprite: Will be up soon!
Why You Want to Join: Because flapjacks are obviously more delicious than pancakes! And also because this is the best WAR team. Dur.
Past WAR Experience: N/A

Originally Posted by narphoenix View Post
Name(Username): narphoenix

WAR Skills - Fan Fiction, Creative Writing, Debate, Humor, Role Playing

Preferred Mascot:

Trainer Sprite (any kind of appropriate trainer sprite!): It would be really nice if someone could find me a working link to Lucian's sprite...

Why You Want to Join(There is no "bad" Answer): To be honest, for the fun of it. I mainly roleplay, but I argue very well and can tell well thought out stories

Past WAR Experience(If any): n/a
Both of you accepted! Welcome to RU! :D

@ phoenix, will this do?
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