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Default Re: Kawaii~Desu Art Shop ^o^

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post

XD I think he was saying that it would look awesome in that nibi palette. As in, like, "DO I SENSE 5TAILEDDEMONLIZARD'S AVATAR IN NIBI PURPLE?! 8D" meaning that he would love to see it done that way or something... XDD

Holy crapinator, gurl. You are teh bomb.

About the fusion--it's GOOD! xD The only two things I have to mention are that there are pixels on the bottom of its head that have not been recoloured properly and are light in the dark shading, and two, that the leg to our left has a random black line through the ankle that doesn't need to be there. Apart from that, awesome job.

And the misdreavus. *0* It's wonderful! Just stunning. I looove the dripping red. xD

As for the rest of them, I love every single one. You are so talented. xD The way you do that is astounding. You're, like, a master of recolours and palettes. You know exactly what to do with them and how to do it, and it really works out fantastically. No sugar coating involved!

moar sprites. omo

EDIT; Messed around with the fusion ~

;m; ihy.

And and. ;m; You're really too nice to me. I'M SO AWKWARD WITH FUSIONS. They always look so /bad/ to me. ;m;

;////; I'm really not that great. There are much better spriters that recolor!!
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