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Default WAR XI Voice Acting?

Do you want it? Need it? Think it should come back? I've heard at least two people want it to come back...Thus, I'm going to gauge how much activity it might generate, and how much you guys truly want it to come back. If it gets enough interest, it'll be added to the WAR as a section <3

Voice Acting - Essentially putting your voice in a video, reading stories, audio... Thus, you are acting with your voice :3 I wasn't present for the last attempt, so I'm not 100% sure how it works, but I do know the definition of it. This is in case you are not familiar with the term :3

Yes - You will participate.
I would but I don't have the equipment - If you had the equipment, you would definitely participate.
Maybe - You have the equipment, but you aren't sure if you will or not.
No - You don't want to join, equipment or not.

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