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Default [War XI] awesome!

[Insert Theme Song Here]

Hi, there! I'm awesome, and you're not...



Basically, if you join team Awesome! You will indeed be awesome. If you don't join team Awesome! then you won't be awesome. Do you really NOT want to be awesome? Think about it.. Don't you want to go home and tell all your friends and family that you were a part of something awesome? I know I would, and that's why this team exists: To make the world an awesome place.

The task at hand is fairly demanding, we as the underdog must rise up and claim victory in this war! Your skills, talents, patience, and drive will be tested to your very core. We will achieve victory through perseverance, and determination. The qualities that truly make a person awesome. When we win, and when we show that we are a force to be reckoned with, the will know the reasons why we are awesome!

For you technical people who don't think we're a serious team: My team has a very common unifying motive: Victory. Isn't that the point of war? to beat your opponents in various battles until you win? I think the desire to win and prove that something that came from nothing can win, or at the very least, put up a fight. For us, it's just my style of motivation that seems problematic. Forgive us if we want to be a little creative and actually have FUN, but I assure you, we're quite serious about the war.


Follow Pe2k rules, because if you don't, you're not awesome, and don't deserve to be here.
Keep it civil, fighting within our ranks is prohibited, and is not awesome.
Don't accept new members without my consent, because that's not awesome.
Only the Right-Hand can approve new members without my consent, she is awesome.
Win War XI, because winning is awesome.


Members List:

XaiakuX - The Enigma of Control!

Graceful_Suicune - The Charismatic Artist!

The Legion of Awesome:
Judge Dredd - The Calculating Battle Lord!
Operative - The Young Pixel Master!
Foxamivalth - The Versatile Talent!
Alcadies - The URPG Battle Machine!
Chromatic Alchemist - The Word-Based Magician!
Dino - The Anime Battle Official!
Speed-X - The Super Fast Pixelator!
Coolmewkim22 - The Crazy Person!
Lisa_lynn - The Shiny Diamond!
Angel_DeArc - The Drawing Espionage!


These are our point standings!

Awesome! - 21 Points

XaiakuX - 2
Graceful_Suicune - 0
Judge Dredd - 9
Operative - 0
Foxamivalth - 9
Alcadies - 0
Chromatic Alchemist - 0
Dino - 0
Speed-X -
Coolmewkim22 - 0
Lisa_lynn - 1
Angel_DeArc - 0


This is the form to join our ranks:

What is your name?:
What will you be doing?:
(Wi-Fi Battling, ASB, Creative Writing, URPG, Debate, Drawn Art, Sprite Art, Role Playing.)
What is your experience?:
Why should you be accepted?:
(What makes you awesome?)


Welcome to the World of Awesome!
♥ .. Gem n Ems .. ∞

.|.[Linkage].|.[-.Norse God of Chaos.-].|.Best in the World.|.

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