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Default Re: Kawaii~Desu Art Shop ^o^

I like you, you seem pretty cool of a person to talk to. Like, no joke.

For now, I would prefer to do recolors. Like, really prefer to do them. But if you want to request something else then do it at your own discretion. Like seriously. I might just not do it.
The bluntness in this passage made me chuckle. I don't know why, I suppose it just reminds me of so many people I know that have a dry sense of humor.

I opened this thread in my browser tab and expected it just to be the same old thing, but these are actually rather interesting for reshades. Just out of curiosity, do you make custom pixel art, too? Hopefully so, because if not, that'd be a bit of a waste.

If I may ask, what franchise are the "re_birthday" and "Kagamine" ones from? They seem...rather unique.

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