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Default Re: Pe2k Member Interviews - 21 Questions: Hosted by GS

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post
xD It's okay. *was a bit frustrated*

ANYWAY. So I finally got the first interview done and dusted.

Things we talk about that have links:

The thing Caleb found which was the "best thing ever" that he planned to put in his sig.

What Caleb claims to want to have as a tattoo

*insert all other stuff I forgot here*

Next up: Ant2011! I hope I can get this one edited faster. xD

Drat! Scizor got out of his pokeball, again. -_-;

"What would like to see in a Pokemon game?" "SCIZOR!"

Apparently at one stage he inhaled helium..

Forgive him, I'll try to keep him under control, next time. D:
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