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Default Re: .:~*Just Another Pixel Request Shop (V.2.2)*~:.

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah
Welcome back! Your sprites are amazing. I love the devamps and Pokedoll edits, they're so cute!

Could I please get a Bulbasaur Pokedoll edit? If it won't work cos it's a quadruped then could I get Archen instead? If neither of those will translate well, let me know and I'll pick something else! :D
Thanks so much! I'm only just hanging around as of now, though. xD

That won't be a problem, doesn't really matter that it's a quadruped. :3 I'll start on it.

Originally Posted by Metal Gear Snivy
Sorry to bother, but...
Could you please make a "Snow Sculpture" of Vaporeon, please?
Thank you very much.
But how would that be bothering me? Hahahah. Anyways, sure, I love making those things.

Sarah's is done. Hahahah, it feels funny saying my own name in third person. Well, not saying it more than typing it at least.

As of now, I need to get to bed. Tomorrow's my last day before I graduate from high school from good, so yeah. =P

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