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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all ! Kanto Region Dont Post ! Not Open Yet !

Wild Pokemon Points Values

Item Point Value

Pokemon Shopping Center

3rd Floor
Each Scarf cost 10 dollars
(They will increase a pokemons points total by 2)
Yellow Scarf
Blue Scarf
Green Scarf
Red Scarf
Pink Scarf

Each Hold Item cost 15
(They will increase a pokemon's point total by 5, they can only be switched at pokemon centers)
Charcoal-Powers Fire Types
Dargon Fang-Powers Dragon Types
Black Belt-Powers Fighting Types
Black Glasses- Powers Dark Types
Hard Stone- Powers Rock Types
Magnet -Power Electric Types
Metal Coat-Powers Steel Types
Miracle Seed-Powers Grass Types
Mystic Water-Powers Water Types
Nevermeltice-Powers Ice Types
Poison Sting-Powers Poison Types
Twistedsppon-Powers Psychic Types
Spell Tag-Powers Ghost Types
Soft Sand-Powers Ground Types
Silverpowder-Powers Bug Types
Silk Scarf-Powers Normal Types
Sharp Beak-Powers Bird Types
Scope Lens-Powers Any Type (once attached it cant be switched again)

5th Floor
TM05 (2 Points)
TM15 (4 Points)
TM28 (5 Points)
TM31 (5 Points)
TM43 (3 Points)
TM45 (2 Points)

4th Floor
Counter 1

Potion cost 10 points each ( give you a +15 to points one time use)
Super Potion cost 20 points each (give you a +25 for a one time use)
Antidote (2 Points)
Awakening (2 Points)
Burn Heal (2 Points)
Paralyze Heal (2 Points)
Greatball (4 Points) (-5 off a capture)
Revive (20 Points)

Counter 2
Fire Stone (-25 Points)
Leaf Stone (-25 Points)
Thunder Stone (-25 Points)
Water Stone (-25 Points)
Soothe Bell (-25 Points)
Upgrade (-25 Points)

Available for Moderators:

(5 Points)(5 Challenges)

(6 Posts)(5 Challenges)

(7 Points)(4 Challenges)

(8 Points)(4 Challenges)

(9 Points)(4 Challenges)

(10 Points)(3 Challenges)

(11 Points)(3 Challenges)

(12 Points)(3 Challenges)

(13 Points)(3 Challenges)

(14 Points)(3 Challenges)

(15 Points)(3 Challenges)

(16 Points)(2 Challenges)


Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

GCEA Link Page Pokemon Evolution List

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