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Default Re: King of the Hill

*Latio-Nytro and Pit were pushed off the hill!*

*Latio-Nytro and Pit kept rolling!*

*Latio-Nytro and Pit rolled around the world and rolled back up the hill!*

*Latio-Nytro and Pit were forced to use Rollout on MGS!*

*It's Super Effective!*

"See this hill? OURS."

Pit: "I will make no darkness touch the people...Or this hill, I guess..."

"The hill is basically represenative of everything good in the world. I'm suprised you feel that unconcerned about the breeding ground of this world's light and good."

Pit: "Wait, WHAT?! Scratch that last sentance, I WILL make any darkness that DARE claim this hill as it's own spawning ground for monsters and villanous creatures SEE THE LIGHT!!!"

"...Quite a speech there..."

Pit: "I wrote that one on a small card so I could save it for a good occasion."
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