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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Kanto [Open!]

these adorable things are everywhere !!!!! please take one !

The out skirts of Viridian City
The Night Before

Twenty minute pass. I wake up to find that I'm inside the frig still. Everything is dark, I can feel the cold bitter air filling my lungs as I inhale. The hair on my arm stands as it brushes passed the walls of the refrigerator. There is not much room to move in here, I struggle to move my arms around. What makes this worse is the fact that Wisp did not empty this thing out before pulling me in. I can feel some kind creamy substance riding up my shirt. Im definitely going to need to shower after this. Being able to deal with extreme environments was something I had done my whole life. The cold didn't bother me as much as getting out smarted by Wisp did. The only hope I have comes from a creature who annoys me the most. Asking for his help means that I'll need to listen to the rest of his rant on right from wrong. I have no choice. My body is bend is such a way that my left arm is pinned under my under my head. I struggle to inch over to the flip open the panel. I flick my pinky back and forth trying to hit the release switch. Once I finally hit it, a bright surge of light fills all the dark spaces of the frig.

"This is strange even for you Sir. Sleeping in refrigerator can't be good for your back." Download says with what I imagine to be a smirk on his face.

I force my head to turn slightly to the right. I can see the hologram move to see me.

"Download, shut up, I need some help here. I can't seem to move in here."

Download goes silent, he doesn't like being told to shut up. Asking him for help always leads back to the same I told you so speech. He starts out with "Sir, I tried to" and then goes into whatever it is that is currently going on. I have no choice here. I have to rephrase my question.

"Download, I am very sorry for telling you to shut up, I lashed out in a moment of weakness. My body is currently being contorted in a way that is causing me a lot of discomfort. I would greatly appreciate your help here."

Download waits a few moments and responds.

" Very touching Sir, Really. I tried to warn you about this back at the school. Wisp is still too unstable for this kinda of work. If you invested more time in its training you could make the little ghost a valuable part of the team. From this point on I am hoping you will take my words into consideration."

He is of course right, but its hard not to want to shut him down.

" I promise I will, now can you get me out of here."

Download floats around for a second scanning the inside of the refrigerator. When he is done he is finished he responds.

"If I release a shock wave into the refrigerator it will certainly break his hold over the door, but you will feel it to. It shouldn't be to big of a problem based on the hits you've taken before."

Download doesn't hesitate, he releases the shock wave through the frig. I feel it move through my body like a bolt of lightning. I focus as hard as I can, I was told as a child that pain is in the mind. I can't help but remember the feeling of learning this lesson as a child. Being tossed into pit with various pokemon and being made to fight them. My father was a cruel man who believed that a person who couldn't defend himself against a pokemon was wroth nothing. Every time I fell he pulled me back to my feet reminding me of what he had gone through in the war. Learning these lessons at such a young age was hard, but it has helped.

The electricity slips through me in a matter of seconds, and makes it way up through wiring causing Wisp to release its grip. Soon after the door opens and I fall forward onto the kitchen floor. There is no time to stop and take a breath. I will suffer through this pain so that I can take down Wisp and get back to the students. I roll onto my back so I can keep an eye on it. I dont want to lose it in the confusion. The frig shakes back and forth as Wisp separates from it.
"Download send out Moon now !"

Moon is released in front of me. I couldn't have picked a better pokemon. Moon is the backbone of my team, he is always the first one in the battle and always the last to leave. The little guy stands tall and proud, his confidence has been earned through many tough fought battles. He is so much different than his sister. While she excels at her speed and psychic abilities, he moves slower but can take a beating like no other pokemon I've ever seen. When he is finally out he takes a moment to look around. He picks up the sent of Wisp and goes right to work.

"Moon be careful Wisp is jumping machines again!"

I watch the jet black pokemon step carefully as he moves around the legs of the table. The rings around his body start to glow as it got closer to Wisp. Moon jumps on the counter to look around. Wisp shows itself now in the form of a Microwave moving right towards Moon. Moon rings let out a bright flash of light temporarily blinding Wisp. In that brief moment Moon turns and jumps right at the Microwave destroying with a faint attack. Moon than breaks the machine apart by stomping out it. As Wisp tries to escape Moon uses his mean look attack to trap it. Wisp lets out a might thunderbolt that temporally fills the room.

Download appears in front of me.
"Sir, its time to collect Wisp."

I roll back on my feet and call to Moon.
"Lets finish this Moon, use dark pulse ! "

Moon than rears back on its hind legs and sends out a massive dark pulse sending Wisp flying back. I looked at Download and picked up the pokeball.
"Alright Im bringing it back."
I pressed down on the button sending out the beam that pulled Wisp back into the ball. I then pressed it up against the P-Dex and Download took back Wisp. After putting away the pokeball I signaled for Moon to join me. He jumped down from the counter and followed me out of the store. As we stepped outside the store the sun floods are eyes. It takes a moment for everything to come in focus again. A small group of people have gathered outside of the restaurant. One of the officers makes her way through the crowd. Officer Casey I believe. She shares a striking resemblance to her mother Chef Jenny.

"Whats going on here ? Max..I mean Master Max."

The store owner who is also the cook steps forward. Just by looking at him you can tell he has been working 15 hour days for a very long time. I can see the old scare marks trekking up and down his arms like battle wounds. Even before he steps up to defend me I feel sorry for the all the trouble Wisp and I caused inside of his place. This is going to take hours to clean up. He doesn't seem to care as he responds to Officer Casey's question.

"This fine young man saved my restaurant from an evil spirit, it would have destroyed the place if not for him Office Casey."

I pause for a moment taking in everything thats happened today. Download was not going to be happy about what was about to say. I step forward in front of everyone as if I was a layer in a court room. I hold my head up high and say.

"Today could have been a tragic day, these people have survived an attack from a sky dragon. Instead of letting their town get destroyed these people banded together to protect each other. There actions here today boarder on heroism ! Each of you should hold your head up high, do not look back at today with fear, instead look back at this day as the day you survived the attack of a what some believe to be a god! As far as the restaurant is concerned, while its a shame the place is a mess, no one got hurt. I would do it all again if it meant no one got hurt. "

The nuns in school would have whacked my wrists with a ruler if they had heard that speech. They would tell me "Max, tall tails make fools of those who tell them." I knew the speech was a bit much but it took the attention off of everything going on.

Casey walked past me and poked her head in the door.

"That place has been trashed. What happened to the creature who did this Max..I mean Master Max?" She says in very suspicious manor.

"I have no idea Officer Casey, all I know, is that it would have killed me if not for Moon over here. Take a look at me Im covered in food here and you very well know I have better places to be young lady. Now if you''ll excuse me I must get back to what I was doing."

Its the best I could come up with, I watch as her eyes drop, Casey is a young officer. She knows that there is rules of respect to shown here. I guess its lucky for me, that I have earned a great reputation over the years. Before I take off, I give the owner the two hundred dollars I had in my pocket.

"I know this wont fix everything, but I hope it helps out to recover some of the loss."

The man pats my shoulder, with a smile. I think he knows what happened in there by the way he looks at me. He doesnt seem to be to upset. I can feel a little bit of what he is thinking. Todays event will make his restaurant more popular to tourist seeking haunted places. He pats me on the back as I walk passed.
"Good luck on your journey, son."

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