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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

As the group entered the restaurant a few minutes later, nostalgia instantly hit both of the twins, memories of their times here flooding their minds.

"It hasn't change a bit..." Ichiru heard Ashley say from beside him, glancing over to see a smile come onto the brunette’s face. She was right; the restaurant still looking completely the same, right down to the dim glow it had always had.

"You have to be kidding me..." Damon’s words brought the twins to look over to him in question, following his gaze over to the bar where Diana was talking to a bartender. Ichiru and Kiseki looked at each other, their expressions mirroring Damon’s words. Of course, they had to admit, their luck with this situation was almost laughable right now…

"Should we leave?" Lexi asked, looking at everyone else. Ichiru looked down at Abigail and Scarlet almost simultaneously with Ashley, seeing how they were eager to eat. If they left, the girls would no doubt be very upset about it.

"No." Ashley responded as Ichiru looked back up. "We shouldn't have to leave. But Damon," She paused, looking at the Vampire. "Be nice."

"Yeah yeah yeah." Ichiru gave a soft sigh at the Vampire’s response while Kiseki glanced back at Diana as the group walked over to a table. Shortly after they had taken their seats, none other than Diana approached the table with a large tray of glasses filled with water.

"This should be interesting." Damon gave a little smirk when the twins glanced back at him, both Caroline and Ashley giving him warning looks.

"My name is Diana and I'll be your waitress today." Diana finally spoke, passing everyone a glass of water, and cups for the children. Ichiru and Kiseki looked at their glasses strangely, somehow sensing that something wasn’t right while Damon greeted the brunette.

"Can I get you guys anything better to drink? Soda? Iced tea?" Diana asked. Kiseki noticed Stefan reaching for his water and started to say something, but the older Vampire took a sip before he could, instantly putting the glass back on the table and giving a few small coughs. The twins felt a burning sensation in their throats, like if they had consumed Vervain. So their suspicion about the water had been right…

"How many times do we have to tell you? We aren't the bad guys here." Ashley growled softly as the twins shifted their not-so-pleased looks over to Diana.

"All Vampires are bad, and I'm going to make sure all of you are dead so you don't hurt anyone." Diana retorted quietly, yet fiercely.

"Are you really going to let my children live the rest of their lives without their parents? They're only human, and only five years old." Ashley said, and the young Witch looked at her in shock.

"They're your birth children? And human?" She looked from Abigail to Scarlet, the shock still on her face. "I thought that you kidnapped them or something and changed them into Vampires..."

"Of course not." A frown came onto Ichiru’s face as Ashley responded with a shake of her head. “Didn't Bonnie and Jeremy tell you I was the Petrova Doppelganger?"

"I forgot you were able to have children..." Diana said after giving a nod in response, though after a few moments the fierceness returned to her face. "I'm still going to keep a close eye on you guys though." She looked back at their drinks, then. "I will go and fix these though..."

"Well that went pretty well." Damon commented, bringing Ashley to kick his leg from underneath the table as Ichiru and Kiseki gave him slight glares.

"You are such an idiot!" Ashley said.

"Ow! What was that for?"

"You know perfectly well what that was for. Why must you tease her? Diana needs reasons for her to trust us, and you aren't helping!" Ashley growled.

"Oh calm down. You managed to achieve some kind of small peace with her." Damon responded, bringing Ashley to sigh and look out the window. Ichiru gave a soft sigh as well, placing his hand over Ashley’s and giving hers a slight squeeze for comfort. Finding out about the children being Ichiru and Ashley’s birth children seemed to have given them a little peace with Diana, like Damon had said, but he was still worried about the situation.

“I’m sure this will all blow over soon…” Kiseki spoke up in an attempt to lighten the mood, unable to stand the silence any longer. “Her opinion seems to have already changed a little because of the children, so that’s a good start.”
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