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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Kanto [Open!]

We start off on our grand and glorious adventure me and little charmander! Setting off from Oaks lab a perculer event occured, Charmander popped out of his pokemon, as it turns out charmander was one of those pokemon that prefer to stay out of there pokeball. I went to hug my little pal, but bang a blast of fire from the lizards mouth and i layed on the ground with a burnt chared face and thought " I guess I have to let him get used to me first before he will let me show my affection". Before we set off it was time to name my little friend, but what to call him? I named names to my little friend and he kept shaking his head in dismisal, that was until I said scortch. His little face lit up as he chanted "char char char!" and now it's time for the aventure to begin.

OT Vanitas
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