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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Blue Version

Pokemon You Get From Trading

Farfetch'd (Trade Over Fearow)(Points:25)

Lickitung (Trade Over Slowbro)(Points:30)

Mr. Mime (Trade Over Kadabra)(Points:30)

Pokemon You Get As Rewards
(Next to the requirements to unlock you will find the Pokemon's point value.)

Hitmonlee (Capture 20 Wild Pokemon)(Points:35)

Hitmonchan (Evolve 15 Pokemon)(Points:35)

Lapras (Fully Evolve 20 Pokemon)(Points:40)

Eevee (Capture 25 Wild Pokemon)(Points:25)

Omanyte (Capture 35 Wild Pokemon)(Points:30)

Kabuto (Evolve 35 Pokemon)(Points:30)

Aerodactyl (Capture 50 Wild Pokemon)(Points:50)

Snorlax ( 75 Pokemon In Pokedex)(Points:60)

Porygon (100 Pokemon In Pokedex)(Points:35)

Mew ( Own 150 Pokemon)(Points:101)

Rare Pokemon
(All Rare Pokemon Have Challenger Rate Of 1)

(35 Points)

Chansey..Kangaskhan.Scyther..Pinsir...Tauros...Dit to
(50 Points)

(55 Points)

(75 Points)

(100 Points)

Coming Soon !
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