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Default Re: . t o | z a n a r k a n d . [poem gallery]

. b l u e .

I still love you, my beautiful, my dear,
and my heart still leaps when you are near.
My mind still races when your skin brushes mine,
and theyíre always moments I wish I could freeze in time.

At times your arm will curl around me
and I feel for a moment like Iím free.
Then itís like you remember what we had,
and when your arm drops, Iím left feeling sad.

Night after night, you haunt my dreams;
Kissing, flirting, and everything else, it seems.
I awake to find my hands gripping empty air,
where in my dreams they had been sweeping, from your face, your dark hair.

I cannot seem to get over you
no matter what I try to do.
I fake a smile, for your sake.
through every pleasant dream from which I wake.

I still love you, my beautiful, my dear,
though you are the reason for many a tear.
Even though I know that, without a doubt,
this whole thing is killing me, from the inside out.
.previously known as White Wolf of the Snow.
[12:38:59 AM] GallantlyGlaceon: ...So how do we do this? XD
[12:39:20 AM] Sight of the Stars: it's nothing really big, just usually a note in your sig that's all like 'paired with soandso'
[12:39:44 AM] Sight of the Stars: just be like "SIGHT OF THE STARZ IS MAH BIZNITCH"
[12:39:57 AM] GallantlyGlaceon: XDDD
[12:39:59 AM] Sight of the Stars: and I'll be like "GALLANTLYGLACEON IS MAH HOE."
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