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Default Re: . t o | z a n a r k a n d . [poem gallery]

. e p i p h a n i e s .
a less personal variation of . g o l d .

When I was younger, I was always told
I could be whatever I wanted, and on this idea I was sold.
A doctor, a lawyer, an artist, a vet.
Or even a missionary, to help those that I met.
Not even thinking of the path I was really set.

Their empty promises left me dreaming
And with ideas of the future, my mind was teeming.
Do you remember the things they told you?
You drew your future, thinking you knew,
That what you were told was undoubtedly true.

As I grew older
My ideas began to smolder,
And my hopes began to dwindle.
They frayed and faltered, turning to kindle;
Turning to needles for which I had no thimble.

Think of the children that play on the streets,
The homeless that sit on the city park’s seats.
The first, for their future, have plenty of hope
The latter have reality, and with it they must cope,
Their dreams having stumbled on a slippery slope.

But you know, I’m quite tired of these rhymes.
These rants, these confessions, these depressing lines.
They’re raging infernos, spreading across the page;
Deadly poison, headed for the rib cage.
Leaving the mind cold and harsh like an ice age.

Look ahead, my enemies, my friends.
Keep in mind where youdr path bends,
And keep your future bright.
Grow older and roll in your delight
That to secure your future, you put up a fight.

Follow your dreams, and in them stand firm.
Stomp on them not like some disgusting worm.
Forget your past, your future is ahead;
It’s something to look forward to, not to dread.
Keep your hopes on something stronger than a thread.
.previously known as White Wolf of the Snow.
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