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Default Re: Which is your favorite movie?


Not only did it spark my interest in tornadoes, but it actually decided my career path (which is, sadly, a bit closed due to the dang economy >.>' ). No other movie has done what Twister has, or at least not in this way.

The action came FIRST.

Reigniting the fire between two soon-to-be-divored main characters is the subplot.

Every other tornado movie I've seen have copied some famous scenes from Twister, but none have been able to deliver on the same scope that it did.

The soundtrack was great, the graphics are still beautiful even though the movie was made in 1996 (incidentally, my favorite game was made this year as well. COINCIDENCE?), the characters are well done...And some of the lines XD

"Where's my truck?"
*Falls down from the sky and lands in front of another driver, who turns hastily screaming her pants off*
"...There is is."

...Also, flying cow. Mooo!
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