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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"Yeah. we'll just have to see what happens." Caroline responded to Kiseki with a nod, and the group fell silent for a few moments until Diana returned with fresh water.

"Here are your drinks. I'll give you a few minutes to let you guys decide what you want to order." She said after passing out the drinks, starting to turn away.

"Actually," The twins looked over to Damon almost simultaneously with Diana, Kiseki giving the older Vampire a warning look since he could somehow sense what he was about to say. "You wouldn't happen to have any Blood Type A, would you? Or even Blood Type O?"

"Damon!" Kotomi hissed, as both of the twins glared at him. Kotomi, much like Kiseki, was never really one to yell at anyone, but the real shock was in what Damon had just said - knowing the situation they were in.

"I'm so sorry... he's only messing around." Isobel told Diana gently as Ichiru sighed softly while Kiseki looked at the ground. Ichiru was known to joke and tease as well now that he had opened up to people more, but he never did it if it would put anyone’s lives in danger - which was unfortunately the situation here with Diana’s powers and all of them being linked together.

"It's, umm... it's okay." Diana responded, shifting her gaze to another group that had just walked in. "If you excuse me." She quickly walked away to assist the new group, which brought Stefan to point a finger at Damon.

"Damon, I swear to God if you make another joke or comment like that of any kind towards Diana I will drag you out of here and make you go back to the house." He growled.

"Oh come on! Can't I even have any fun?" Damon sighed and slightly banged his head against the table, and let it rest there, bringing the children to laugh. Kiseki couldn’t help but smile as well, and Ichiru probably would himself if he hadn’t been so focused on the new group that had come in. Somehow something didn’t seem right about them…

"Where are you going?" Lexi’s voice brought Ichiru to tear his gaze away from the other group and look back to Damon, who had stood up from the table.

"Just gonna go play some darts. Could you order me a burger and fries? I'll just stick with plain water since I'm going to get a beer from the bar in a few minutes." Damon responded as he took off his leather jacket and draped it over his chair.

"As long as you behave then sure." Ashley said with a small smile, bringing Damon to smile back before walking to the other side of the room. Ichiru watched him for a minute while Ashley let the children see the menu and choose what they wanted, but his mind was still focused elsewhere.
"That chicken ceasar salad is so good here. I wonder if it will taste the same after all this time." Caroline said as she looked through the menu.

"I don't see how much they would change it since it's just a salad." Kiseki laughed along with Kotomi and Caroline as he looked through the menu as well.

“If they’re that good, I might try one myself.”

Ichiru had finally started looking at the menu himself when he noticed Ashley jump from beside him, looking behind her. He followed her gaze, seeing no one there.

"Are you alright?" Isobel beat Ichiru to the question as the rest of the group looked at her in concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Ashley responded with a small nod, but Ichiru‘s expression didn‘t change. He glanced over to Abigail and Scarlet, who were both looking in the same direction Ashley had looked only seconds before…but there was nothing there.

“I will be revived, and I’m coming for you. All of you.”

Ichiru suddenly felt chills go down his spine as he recalled Klaus’ words from his dream that morning.

“Ichiru, are you feeling okay?” Kiseki looked at his brother in concern, having noticed the sudden change in his expression. The older twin was unresponsive for a few moments, although he finally looked up at Kiseki and gave a nod.

“Yeah…” Kiseki furrowed his brow, looking at Ichiru, then Ashley and back with a slight frown.

“You’ve been acting weird all morning… Is there something you need to tell us?” Ichiru started to deny his brother’s words, but decided against it.

“Actually there is…” He looked at the rest of the group as he continued. “I had a dream this morning where Klaus set Bonnie’s and Jeremy’s house on fire. Jeremy and Kenny didn’t make it out of the flames, but he seemed to be protecting Bonnie and Diana.”

“But… Klaus is dead. There’s no way he could do that…” Kotomi said.

“That’s what I thought, too.” Ichiru responded as the concerned expression on Kiseki’s face worsened. “In the dream, he told me that he would be revived and that he was coming for us.”

“Revived?” Kiseki echoed, looking at Ichiru in confusion as he thought over what he had just heard. After a few moments, something seemed to click, and he spoke again. “What if he needs Bonnie’s and Diana’s powers to be revived? That’s the only reason I can think of that he would go out of his way to get rid of Jeremy and Kenny and yet still protect the girls.”

“You’re right…” Ichiru said, trying not to acknowledge the fact that his brother’s words might have been - and probably were - true. “But that’s only if it was a warning and not just a dream. I could just be paranoid, after all.”

“We probably shouldn‘t dismiss it as paranoia, but we can‘t dwell on it, either… Especially if it turns out to be nothing.” Kotomi said, to which Ichiru nodded.

“We should just stay on guard in case anything does come up.”
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