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Default Re: Digi Chronicles- Book 1: Dark Secrets (Prologue out now!)

Chapter One:

September 20
Legend Falls: Soua Residence

Legend Falls is big on Digimon. And by big, I mean BIG. Almost everyone has a Digivice of their own to play with any Digimon, or hatch Digi-Eggs. Some use them in battle, but only once their Digimon is friendly enough. The boy we will follow, is one named Tarix.

Knock, knock knock!

Ugh, who's here?
"Ratix, get down here, NOW!" My mom calls. "It's George!"
"George, eh?" I say under my breath. "I better get down there."
I open the door and see George with a big smile on his face.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" He screams at me while bringing out a box from his backpack.
"Good morning to you, too," I reply. "What's in the box?"
"You're present."
"What is it?'
"Open it, and find out!"
I open the box, and see a little blue speck.
"A...Digivice?" I ask to myself. "How did you afford this?"
"I've saved up for it to give to you," George replies "I thought it would be a great gift."
"I helped with the money problem," Mom interrupts. "I thought it would be time that you had one."
"Thanks! To both of you!" I say as I'm bursting with joy. "It says my Digimon is...Snow Agumon."
"I-is that bad?"
"No, it's perfect! I've always wanted Snow Agumon!"

Later that evening...

September 20

"He's one of them."
"One of the Digi-Destined?"
"Yes, he is."
"How do we prove it?"
"Wait until tomorrow, Kreta."


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