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Default Hiring Website Staff

Hey you! Yeah you! You've seen all the articles that we post here at But have you ever wanted to write your own articles and have them published on the website? Well now you can!

All you have to do is fill out the following form. When and if we approve of your application, you will need to send me and Mizuki Emi a PM with your article that you want us to judge. Mizuki and I will see if you are good enough.

HOWEVER, if you want to do post other things (things like the Pokemon Comics and the new Art Submissions, you are welcome to do that. Just use the same form below to apply.

If you get picked for a position to be a staffer, you must be able to write at least 2 articles a month. These articles can be over almost anything (reviews, news, etc.) If you feel like you can't write 2 articles a month, then do not sign up.

AIM (if applicable): 
Why you want to be a Website Staff Member: 
What you are interested in writing for (whether it be news, anime episode reviews, a review on a single species of Pokemon, things like Pokemon Comics and the new Art Submissions, etc.):
What makes you a qualified staff member?:
Please take into account that we consider activeness, loyalty to the forums, and how you behave.
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