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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <Sentry goin' up>

Nub nub.

Character name: Shadow
Age: 50+
Gender: Male
Species: Hedgehog/Black Arms/Dragon
Team: Guardian Units of Nations
Occupation: GUN Agent, currently Commander
Appearance (Urg I Hate This Part): I wonder why he's so mad here? At a solid one-hundred centimeters (3 ft 3 in) and around seventy seven pounds, Shadow isn't the tallest person around - and he isn't human, either. His main fur color is black, while his muzzle and inside his ears are peach. He has six quills on his head, with the middle ones pointing downward while the rest go upwards, as well as two quills on his back. He has red stripes on his quills (minus the back) and his arms and legs, the stripes go down to his index and middle finger as well as his feet (I consider him to have three toes on each paw, and thus it would be on the one considered the "middle toe", I guess). White fluff - very soft, ha ha - lies on his chest, and his eyes are ruby (AKA red).

His shoes are white rimmed by that color, with a bit of black on the end. They contain jet boosters. His gloves are white; around both his ankles and wrists he has Inhibitor Rings, which limit his power - without them he'd use all his strength in combat. Powerful, but not a very good idea usually.

He has an ammo belt where he carries his two rifles on and clips, as well as a radio to keep in contact with GUN.

Biodragon - Slightly bigger than the Biolizard (so he is around 60 ft, and about 90 tons), with the same black and red coloration. Eyes set on the top of his round head to look forward; head is on a long yet sturdy neck. Maintains the iconic "chest fluff" on his chest. Red horns, similar to a bull in the fact they go up and out before curving in while remaining parallel to the head, start from behind his eyes and end just short of his snout. In any case, he would much prefer to bite something than to ram it, and he has a full set of teeth to provide that.

Has a powerful pair of wings on his back; the leather is a dark grey, and the iconic red stripe is from the thumb claw to before the elbow. That same stripe is present on his his three fingered claws, starting from the middle and ending before the elbow or knee. His tail splits into two at the base, ending in vertical spikes - or "arrows" if you will (it's a classic staple of dragons); the tails are held stiffly enough to not drag on the ground. The "arrows", as well as the spikes - rather triangular - running down from his head (starting just before the horns, so one could sit rather comfortably between the horns because of this fact) to the base of his tails are also red.

Oh yes, and his Inhibitor Rings have enlarged to be on his wrists and ankles, serving the same purpose as they did before. Brilliant engineering.

Personality: Shadow is a very cold individual, but that doesn't mean he doesn't care. Rather, it means one has to work extra hard to earn the right to get an emotion other than indifference. Having lost those he loved fifty years ago, and having it fester, it has left him hollow and often bitter. It is also filled with regret and anger; regretting his existence and the fact he couldn't save Maria, and angry at those that took her away from him, ruining his life. Being very stubborn, Shadow doesn't give up, and pursues his targets with a disturbing amount of persistence, occasionally bordering on obsession. He will do whatever it takes to get his goal accomplished, whether it means playing by the rules or not.

Often lost in thought but never fully unfocused, Shadow is a quiet individual but has absolutely no problem with being blunt or saying what is on his mind. If he makes a threat, he has every intention of carrying out - he never bluffs. He has a sense of superiority, but he no longer allows it to cloud his judgement; he also no longer seeks revenge, although cross him and one will undoubtedly regret it. He is a very serious character, and takes everything in stride.

But that does not mean he doesn't care. Shadow is extremely smart, but very loyal, even having a code of honor in that if he pledges allegiance he will not break it (but bending is not out of the question). Should one earn his trust, he will be always be there to help. He often spends his time alone, but with those he has befriended he does enjoy their company - to an extent. Once they start getting annoying it is another story. Shadow can be overprotective as well, and will stop at nothing to help protect those he cares about (although he'll be danged if he ever admits it). His respect must be earned, but it is guaranteed to last unless the person does something to completely blow it. In addition, he enjoys a good challenge...And giving him one is the best way to earn said respect.

And for his friends, he can display traits of kindness...And even become a father figure to individuals. This kindness however, is rare. He is seen to be more polite towards women and children, especially women that are blonde with blue eyes as they bear a resemblance to Maria. Shadow has been shown to be deeply disturbed by the idea of being a weapon of mass destruction, even decreeing that if that were the case he would destroy himself for the safety of the world. It more or less reveals he secretly wants peace and to be able to rest.

Oh, and please don't tick Shadow off. It's very very very very bad if someone does.

History: Fifty or so years ago, the Space Colony ARK was created, and Gerald Robotnik - Ivo Robotnik's grandfather - decided to become a scientist on board the ARK, the government having been pestering him, when he discovered his granddaughter Maria Robotnik had the incurable NIDS (Neuro-Immuno Deficiency Syndrome). He searched for a cure while also helping to discover the secret of immortality, the project being dubbed "Project Shadow" due to it being deemed out of reach. ...He liked the name.

He started with lizards due to their regenerative abilities. The first creation grew and mutated, eventually needing a life support system. This prototype, dubbed the "Biolizard", was sealed away in the core of the ARK. However, there was another lizard that was more successful, although due to the Biolizard Gerald began to think about changing to a different species. At this point, the Black Comet (a comet home to an alien race that appears every fifty years) had approached, and Gerald made a deal with the Black Arms leader, Black Doom...As he was ageless and immortal, it allowed him to bypass creating immortality. He infused it into the lizard, which became far more akin to a dragon, earning the name of "Biodragon". However, it was too difficult to control, so it was put into stasis as Gerald decided on what to do. Gerald also started construction of the Eclipse Cannon, which could destroy a planet with the power of the Chaos Emeralds, as he did not trust Black Doom.

At the same time, an ancient machine (called a Gizoid) destroyed a good chunk of the ARK after it copied the super weapons on board. As the government was growing iffy on the research, it was handed over to buy time. Having been studying an ancient mural of a hedgehog defeating his grandson in the future, he decided to turn the Biodragon into a hedgehog; effectively, he created a new set of genes and sealed the Biodragon within them. "Project Shadow" was complete, and Shadow the Hedgehog was "born".

Shadow and Maria spent a month together, and became very close; they developed a brother-sister friendship, while Gerald himself was like a father. However, the government did not know, and wanted Gerald to shut down his research. Refusing, they sent GUN to raid the ARK, and discovered that Shadow had been completed. Shadow and Maria tried to flee, but Maria was shot. She sealed Shadow in a stasis tube and sent him to Earth, along with the promise for him to protect humanity before dying.

Her death drove Gerald insane, and he reprogrammed the Biolizard, the ARK, and Shadow himself to get revenge on humanity, before he was executed. Shadow was sealed away on Prison Island for fifty years, before Dr. Robotnik (AKA Eggman) broke him out. Together they grabbed all the Chaos Emeralds and activated the Eclipse Cannon on the now forgotten ARK, obliterating half the moon. However, thanks to Sonic's friend Amy, she made him remember the promise he made.

Shadow took on his prototype and defeated it while Sonic and Knuckles used the Master Emerald to stop the Chaos Emeralds. But the Biolizard had survived and fused itself to the ARK, sending it on a crash course towards the planet. Sonic and Shadow teamed up and defeated it, teleporting the ARK back into stable orbit, but it seemed Shadow fell to his death.

...Only to be rescued by Eggman's machines, and put into stasis. He developed amnesia, and began to work towards discovering his identity. Discovering machines in his likeness, it made him wonder if he was truly Shadow, or just another copy. After helping to defeat Metal Sonic, he was left to his own devices; eventually the Black Comet rolled around again, and the Black Arms invaded the planet. Black Doom told Shadow his purpose was to bring all the Chaos Emeralds to him, and if he did he would regain his memories.

...Well, Shadow was desperate at the time, so he did it. However, Black Doom ultimately betrays Shadow, transporting the Black Doom to the surface of the planet where it dug in its roots; he was going to use the humans and anthros as food. The others paralyzed by a gas, Shadow used the Chaos Emeralds to fight Black Doom, eventually killing him. He then teleported the Black Comet into space, where he used the Eclipse Cannon for its intended purpose - the Black Arms were no more, other than Shadow himself.

Shortly after, the GUN Commander - whom had been a child on the ARK and saw Shadow being created, blaming him for Maria's death - offered Shadow a job as a GUN Agent. Shadow, having finally decided to put his past behind him, agreed. He became high rank pretty much immediately. He helped where he could, keeping his promise to Maria and protecting humans and anthros. It did not take long for an energy disturbance to be picked up, and GUN investigated before taking her back. It didn't take long for Astrailyx, the cause, to meet Shadow, and much to his dismay she was knocked out immediately when they tried to shake hands. She recovered quickly, thankfully, although it didn't take a long time for a snow leopard - Reaver - to break into GUN.

Turns out he was just worried about her, and the whole situation was explained. He even deigned to tell them all he knew about her. Much to Shadow's immense shock, he discovered that the research that had made him possible had saved her life. This had two effects on him, however. He was, admittedly, happy that his research had done something good, but horrified that it was known and it, along with the dragon, had tried to be used for evil purposes. She still wanted to get her body back, and he was completely inclined to help her.

When the world's collided, it knocked her out while his own abilities were hampered - namely, he can no longer sense the Chaos Emeralds as he used to be able - and now he has to undue the mess that Sonic helped create, with the Blue Blur nowhere in sight. But now, he has to lead GUN as the Commander has gone missing, and the fate of two worlds rest in his hands...

Pistols - Two of them, semi-automatic. He likes to duel wield them, because he's awesome like that. He keeps them strapped to his sides, along with ammo clips.

Can also make weapons out of Chaos Energy, but they consume a lot of energy to maintain and would be considered more "special" than "physical" if we went with Pokemon terms. ...Like, a physical move that does special damage. ...Yeah, let's go with that.

Special powers:

Ageless - Shadow does not age. Short description is short.

Immortality - Being the result of a project to discover immortality, he has it. But it IS flawed. For example, his wounds, while they heal a little faster than others, do not heal instantly. Bleeding to death, vaporization, beheading - given he doesn't get to his stasis pod quickly enough - those types of death will still be a huge issue. He doesn't need to eat, sleep, or drink, although using up a lot of energy doing those activities will help speed up recovery. (Please note, I've already talked to Metal about this and...Well, don't worry. It's not going to be a problem. Just trust me on this one - you'll see why shortly.)

Chaos Abilities - Able to tap into latent Chaos Energy within his body, he can form a variety of attacks. However, his abilities increase tenfold once he gets his hands on a Chaos Emerald. Black Doom was skilled in using Chaos Energy - it was in his blood. Thus, Shadow, created from his blood, is also effective in using it. Without a Chaos Emerald, however, it drains his stamina severely and some are even hampered by it.

Please note - Negative Chaos Energy is red and more destructive. Positive Chaos Energy is blue and more defensive or healing.
  • Chaos Control - Can teleport to areas and warp time. Without a Chaos Emerald, severely limited to short jumps that would be better off with him skating, and the time warp only works for a minute. Did I mention it is severely draining? All in all, it's near worthless without a Chaos Emerald. Simply too draining to be used effectively in combat or travel.
  • Chaos Claw - Forms Negative Chaos Energy around his hands, into claws. Deals good damage up close, and forms a protective barrier on his hands. However, useless at long range. Perhaps one of his favorite techniques to use.
  • Chaos Spear - Summons spears of Negative Chaos Energy to deal damage to the opponent. Multiple ones can be launched - obviously he can use more with a Chaos Emerald, so he sticks to one or two without it. Can pierce armor.
  • Chaos Weapon/Shield - Forms a weapon of his choice composed of Negative Chaos Energy (or, for a shield, Positive Chaos Energy). Again, this is draining, and the shield even moreso depending on how big he makes it and how powerful the attack is. Weapon has the same problem; also, throwing said weapon it will likely disappear as the energy evaporates. No guns because they'd evaporate XD Usable only in normal form.
  • Chaos Blast - Gathering a huge amount of Negative Chaos Energy, Shadow unleashes a blast originating from himself. It's in a circular radius, and highly, highly destructive. Easier to do when angry, and drains a huge amount of energy even with a Chaos Emerald. Without it, will probably drain most of his energy.
  • Chaos Regeneration - Using Positive Chaos Energy, Shadow heals a wound. Small wounds are easy, but deeper wounds consume more energy. To restore lost limbs would require a Chaos Emerald and a few minutes to perform...And it must not have healed already. Meaning, tough luck because you've already probably bled to death XD
  • Chaos Mist - Exhales a breathe that is a mixture of Positive and Negative Chaos Energy. Going by Pokemon terms, the nature of the energy could Paralyze you. Positive Energy - the "cooler" energy could Freeze. Negative Energy - Often more "angry", could Burn. And inhaling this stuff just can't be good for you, so Poison. More effective at closer range, otherwise it spreads out and does less damage. Chaos Emerald just makes it stronger and last longer. Usable only in Biodragon Form.

Mach 2 Speed - Using the jet thrusts on his shoes, he can skate and accelerate to Mach 2 Speed. However, his turning isn't that great and he has slow acceleration; additionally punching or using any abilities at these speeds result in him getting knocked back, so he has to slow down. If he loses his shoes, his speed is severely hampered - beneath Mach 1.

Superior Strength (NOT SUPER STRENGTH. There is indeed a difference) - Can flip giant slaps of concrete with one arm (with some struggling), so probably around 1000 pounds. He CANNOT carry 1000 pounds, however. His limit of carrying is probably around 700 pounds or so with both arms, but he can't move very fast or jump very high; depends on how much he is carrying.

Super Transformation - With all Seven Chaos Emeralds he can transform into his super form. His fur turns gold, he can fly, and his abilities become much stronger. Can only sustain it for a short time, though. Takes a lot to damage him - nearly impossible.

Power Up - If Shadow takes his Inhibitor Rings up, he gains a massive boost in strength and natural speed. However, he burns energy up at a terrible pace, being unable to fight after two of my posts. Yes, that's right. UNABLE TO FIGHT. He knocks himself out, he burns that much energy. Don't even think about taking them off in his Biodragon Form. ...Seriously. I don't even know what'll happen.

Biodragon Form - Turning into this form grants Shadow a boost in power and makes his defense stronger, but at the cost of making him a larger target and slower as well as expending more energy. However, its power pales in comparison to Shadow without his Inhibitor Rings, as well as Shadow's speed giving him an advantage. In this case, he just has more power. His wings give him flight, and he gains an additional ability - Chaos Mist - because, well, he IS a dragon and it wouldn't be fair if he didn't breathe something :P He's just a lot stronger.

However, he can only stay in this form for FIVE of my posts. After that, he gets stuck in it. Not a bad thing, right? WRONG. He's a big, slow target that uses energy like no tomorrow. In a war. ...Yeah. Did I mention he can't speak in this form, so communication will be very difficult? "Blink once if you agree, twice if you don't." Shadow also risks giving in to the instincts, which sealed the form in the first place. He has more control now due to experience, but...


Hover Shoes - Allow him to travel at Mach 2 speed by skating or, in extreme cases, simply "flying". Over the ground. Awesome. In any case, they are over fifty years of age as well, and it shows with the paint starting to wear off. Gerald knew how to design things, however, so they still work well. They also allow him to hover over water...But again, he can't really fly with them or hover a few feet in the air. Slow a descent? Yes. But fly? Nope.

Ammo Belt - ...He carries ammo on it. Seriously. Also has a radio for head quarters on it. So, yeah. Simple. Also, guns - see above under weapons.

Motorcycle - 500 rounds for each gun (white things). Gift from GUN for joining; slower than him obviously. He loves it; I can't blame him because it is sexy XD

Other: He's pretty good in hand-to-hand combat, but he's not a martial artist or something. He just likes to punch, punch, kick and that stuff. He's decent at dodging too ^^

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