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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Character name: Astrailyx
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon [Energy Being]
Team: G.U.N.
Occupation: Intelligence Scout and Support Tactician

*The above image is mine, steal and you die*
Astrailyx is a 3'5, with her ears, thin and light dragon with a tail that doubles her body length and a four foot wingspan. Her lavender and pink tinted body and soft violet wings give her a peaceful pastel look that reflects her personality. Her cyan eyes are luminous and reflect the energy she is made out of, along with her bright blue markings along her body. Silver ring anklets with teal cloth are really the only clothing she wears, giving some strength to her weak legs. Astrailyx has next to know walking ability, and can only stand for short amounts of time and walk very short distances, relying on flight as her main mode of transportation. Despite this, Astrailyx has fair upper arm strength, and her talons have a firm grip to them, and her tail has prehensile properties to it, giving her the ability to carry someone of similar size to her in flight without much hinderance. Her ears can pick up sounds, and thanks to her level of intelligence, she can triangulate and pin point sound sources. Her underbelly is a pale blue colour, reflecting the sky's hue.

Personality: Astrailyx can be summed up as the definition of compasion and understanding. Even though this may come from her ability to gain knowledge from people and persons that she touches, it takes another mind to understand what to do with said knowledge and for them to decide what to learn from it. One to think, Astrailyx can understand even the most isolated of people, in some cases, even understand those who are out to get her. The level of compasion she has goes beyond having a near inability to hate anyone, even those that seek to destroy her as their only purpose in life. In such cases with Robotnik, Astrailyx shows an incredible amount of dislike, as Robotnik is the only person that she can't fully understand. The dragon takes time to get to know people and makes sure that everyone can get along to a degree and cooperate, especially in this time of war. She tries to remain a person of optimism and hope, however with her intelligence, sometimes can think realistically. Astrailyx does not show anger at all, to see her so much as snap or raise her voice to someone is so rare, it startles anyone within earshot who knows her even in the slightest. Even for Astrailyx to act with adamancy is unusual, and if she is ever adamant about something, it is when she is confident in such an absolute way, one couldn't help but let her do what she wishes to do.

At heart, Astrailyx is a pacifist and doesn't like fighting of any kind, often acting as a peace keeper or as support for defending others. However, this doesn't mean she has no fighting skill. Astrailyx can be very skilled with using her abilities and with her level of intelligence, it makes up for her lack of physical strength. Defending others is her number one priority though, and will put herself in harms way to protect another. As far as her abilities go, Astrailyx borderline hates her knowledge sapping ability, mostly because of the fact it violates the privacy of others and that she does not learn like normal beings. She only uses this ability of necessary, and tries her best to not use it on other people, having little control over it. Either way, she does her best to keep the peace within GUN, helping everyone she can.

History: Astrailyx was originally a deity of judgement in another plane of existence, and went by another name; Ayura. Her plane fell to a terrible event, where an entity known as ‘the SCAR’ tore the existence of it apart, leaving everything in a void. However, one other being from her world managed to somehow escape it with remnants of crystals with her soul attached to it. This being, a jackal by the name of Ankha-Ra, managed to escape the rifts, however, not without losing his right arm in the process. He had help from a mysterious being, only known as SC. He gave his assistance in what he knew to help bring back the deity and give her a second chance at life. There was only one issue; she needed to have her body recreated in order to be stable in this new universe.

After much trial and error, Ankha-Ra managed to find energy of which was capable of sustaining the soul, being called Iylix energy. However, the jackal had no knowledge of creating a body with energy. SC soon provided Ankha-Ra with scientific research he needed from another experimentation of something known as the Ultimate Lifeform. Ankha-Ra did not question it and went to work. SC soon then returned with another being from a nearby world; a young snow leopard by the name of ‘Reaver’. SC explained that this was for interactive purposes so that the experiment would be a success. Again, there were no questions.

As many years passed, though it seemed like only months due to the ship carrying them distorting time by moving near the speed of light, the ADC project had begun, and the Alpha Draconis, known to Reaver and Ankha-Ra as Astrailyx. Reaver was tasked with being Astrailyx’s ‘guardian’ and eventually took on the role very seriously. Astrailyx quickly grew and learned things extremely quickly, obtaining odd abilities during the time. SC noticed these abilities had to do with energy manipulation, and wanted to try an experiment. One that would horribly fail.

Astrailyx was put through tests involving various amounts of Chaos Energy, and because of her unique energy, the two weren’t compatible. Instead a horrible reaction occurred where other anti-energies and anti-matters were created as she was forced to endure the exposure. By the end of it, Astrailyx lost her physical body and was forced into a containment chamber until she became stable again. The other energies were trapped, and by SC’s order, used to create other beings similar to Astrailyx. Astrailyx resumed energy stability, and when she did, SC ordered a purge of her memories and identity, and to start over again. Much to the dismay of Reaver and Ankha-Ra, it was done, however not without the jackal saving something of Astrailyx’s soul.

Astrailyx, having forgotten everything, resumed learning things she had before, and gaining a personality again. However, she was doing so more rapidly, and obtaining who she was before. SC noticed this and ordered another purge, however the other two weren’t going to let it happen again. SC attempted to stop them, knowing they had figured his plans for turning Astrailyx into a living knowledge gathering entity, however, did not stop them as much as he could have. Making an escape, Reaver took Astrailyx out to a jettison bay. Astrailyx was then thrown out into the depths of space, along with Reaver who flash froze himself with his own powers to prevent himself from dying amidst the harshness of space. Astrailyx took on a crystalline cocoon and drifted. Ankha-Ra had aimed for them to go back to the world Reaver had come from, and eventually both of them did. However, separated, and not remembering much of anything, Astrailyx still remained very much trapped within her crystal shield.
When she had hit planet side, Astrailyx was found by GUN, due to investigations of an odd energy disturbance. Being taken in by GUN, she soon met Shadow, though the meeting was very much a shock to everyone when she nearly shut down by mere contact with him due to his ability to manipulate and control Chaos Energy. Despite this, Astrailyx stuck around GUN to find more about what happened to herself, not remembering things properly, and assisted GUN with their own work and investigations. It wasn’t long though before Reaver had found her again after pushing and breaking his way through GUN Headquarters just to make it to her, adamant about her safety. After finding out the scenario, Reaver calmed down and explained everything he remembered from the incidents on the odd spacecraft. The snow leopard also informed them of what he knew of Astrailyx, being an energy being that was brought back to life thanks to a key component in the research of the Ultimate Lifeform, oddly enough being Shadow himself. Astrailyx felt that she needed to further work with GUN after that, knowing her abilities would be useful to them, and to hopefully find a way to return her original body back to her.

Not long after Astrailyx’s arrival did Blaze the cat show up, looking into the odd energy interferences that were occurring with the Sol Emeralds. Astrailyx believed this was her fault, being composed of an energy completely
unique to her, as well as originally born from another universe entirely. Though Blaze wasn’t sure what to think of her at first, she agreed to allow her to help repair the energy instability. As time went on, Astrailyx and Blaze managed to do this, but as Robotnik was up to no good again, the cat offered to stay a bit longer to assist with stopping the mad doctor, in return for Astrailyx helping her bring peace with the Sol Emeralds back in her dimension.

As soon as the universes collided, the mass of chaos energy was so great that it affected Astrailyx immediately, forcing her to be replaced in a containment chamber until she was stable enough again to resume having a physical mass. After coming out of a critical state, Astrailyx became aware of the situation. Even though still weak, Astrailyx was absolutely adamant she assist in stopping Robotnik, refusing to let another universe fall into obliteration after remembering small parts of what had happened in her past life.

Weapons: N/A
Special powers:
Living Conduit: Astrailyx is a being of energy with no organic material at all thanks to a chaos energy experiment gone wrong. She is composed of an extremely efficient, self generating and incredibly stable energy known as Iylix energy. Astrailyx can manipulate this unique energy she is composed of, and other external energy sources to her will by rearranging her own energy signature to match the one she is controlling. [Note she cannot manipulate Pokemon attacks that come directly from the Pokemon, such as a Charizard's Flamethrower coming directly from the Charizard.] This also grants her an immunity to roboticization, and because of her unique energy signature, causes a feedback loop in the machine that will cause it to short circuit. *This detail has been discussed and was even created by the GM himself.*

Posessive Enhancement: Astrailyx can contribute to another person by possessing their body, allowing them to use her energy and giving them a power boost. Depending on the person's special abilities depends on how long she can remain within their body for before she has to remove herself.

Fade: By decompressing her form into a much thinner energy, Astrailyx can pass through solid matter, or seemingly teleport short distances.
Barrier: Astrailyx can create energy shields from her own energy, reinforcing it's stability in order to protect herself and others from a variety of things.
Pulse: Though not often used, Astrailyx can project an energy pulse from herself to use as an offensive measure. This ability takes on Chaos Energy properties if used in a Fusion form.
Energy Fusion: Astrailyx can combine energy frequencies within herself for a short time, mostly only if said energy would harm her. She only does this if exposed to intolerable amounts of Chaos Energy to prevent her life from being jeopardized. Afterwards, she is almost always going to become unconcious for a varying amount of time, based on how long she was fused to the Chaos Energy for.
**Alpha Draconis: A horrible result of the original exposure to Chaos Energy. This is a form used when Astrailyx is exposed to an extreme amount of negative Chaos Energy, reverse engineering her energy into a chaotic, unstable mess that causes spontaneous reactions, mostly meaning exlposions. Astrailyx has no control over this form, as her entire mind and body is encased in a hard crystal core within the monster that is Alpha Draconis.

Knowledge Sap: Because of how she was recreated, Astrailyx has the ability to gain knowledge of a person or object she touches at a nearly instantaneous rate, with more masses of information causing her to become worn out or even unconcious depending on the amount. This includes absorbing knowledge from computers, as well as sometimes viewing other living person's memories. She has a small bit of control over this ability, and even though she can retain this information at all times, she can only access bits of it at a time, having to sift through all her knowledge like pages in a foot thick encyclopedia, unless said information is memorized.

Equipment: N/A
Other: Anything I may have forgotten.

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