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Default Weekly Anime: Black & White - Episode 5

Ash's first gym battle in Unova, find out how he did in, Triple Leaders, Team Threats


Ash and Iris finally arrive to Striaton City to challenge the Striaton City Gym.

Ash challenge the Striaton Gym Leader Trio: Chili, Cilan, and Cress. Ash is sucessful in knocking out Chili’s Pansear using Tepig and loses against Cress’s Panpour. The episode ends on a cliffhanger with Oshawott facing off Cilan’s Pansage.


There are two things that I appropriate seeing, maids and butlers. Maid outfits are just so cute and butlers….well let say that I am a lady that appreciate a man in uniform. haha I been waiting for this episode for a good while and it was very satisfying. Some funny moments too in the beginning of the episode such as Cilan getting so worked up for seeing a pikachu and Ash’s reaction to Chili, Cilan and Cress’s antics. The girls that were there for the Butler Cafe were just an icing on the cake as they watched. You know they are only there for the eye candy.

Ash and Iris Characters

How we got to the three on three battle was interesting since in the games this is actually a one trainer against one trainer battle. Got to love Ash’s enthusiasm throughout this whole battle since it was the reason why we got to see all three battles against the primate trio. His enthusiasm was strong throughout this whole episode and usually I don’t like it when Ash acts like a little kid (like he has for most of Black and White so far) but here it was fun. Ash had a complete legit reason for being excited since this was his first battle within the Unova region.

Speaking about ‘little kid’, I thought Iris was going to be more of a pain in the butt then usual saying things like ‘Ash is such a novice’ and junk like that but surprising it was very limiting. I was going to spend a bit ranting about her but instead it looks like that will have to wait for another week. (Is it becoming clear that I don’t like Iris?)

The Gym Battle

The battle itself was interesting indeed. There was clearly a difference in power between Tepig and Pansear but it was played out to where once Tepig was able to catch Pansear off guard then the little pig wasn’t going to let go. Also I really got a laugh out when Tepig grabbed Pansear by the tail and began to spin him. haha That was funny.

Pikachu and Panpour…yeah…Pikachu should have won and blah blah blah like most people would say. To tell the truth I don’t care about any of Pikachu battles until we get to around the fifth or so gym. It be boring if Pikachu knocks out the other pokemon with just a simple Thunderbolt so of course he will have to lose a few times. Just glad that they made it interesting with Panpour aiming at Pikachu’s feet and such since those are strategies that I don’t think we seen. Makes you wonder why nobody has ever done that before.

The battle between Pansage and Oshawott. Well…..Oshawott gave us a few laughs and how it was all bark and no talk but this battle is far from over. The little otter looks like it was getting better as the battle moves on but apparently Cilan and Pansage had only just begun. If anything Oshawott is very animated especially with his reaction at the end of the battle as Solarbeam was coming his way. The next episode should be interesting. How will Oshawott get out of this one?

Final Thoughts

Overall a good episode. Lots of laughter which is a great way to get into my heart. (Also having less Iris is good in my book.)


Written By: Mikey