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Default Weekly Anime: Black & White - Episode 6

Does Ash finally win the battle against Cilian and his Pansage? Find out in, Dreams by the Yard Full


Ash’s Oshawott defeats Cilan’s Pansage thus allowing Ash to receive the Trio Badge.

Jessie, James and Meowth head over to the Dreamyard and use some sort of device that emits hidden energy from the Dreamyard’s past experiments.

The Dream Mist places the Pokemon of Striaton City to sleep. Ash, Cilan, Iris, Officer Jenny and Fennel head over to the Dreamyard to investigate.

After a battle and Team Rocket’s attempt to capture Musharna, the Dream Mist was stopped. Team Rocket escapes.

Ash decides to heads over to the Nacrene City Gym with Cilan and Iris as his travelling companions.


Anime vs Game

Hmm… It is a battle like this that shows the difference between the anime and the video games. Oshawott’s use of his shell to deflect Pansage’s Solar Beam would have never worked in the games. We would have had a fainted Oshawott and Ash having to rechallenge the gym leader trio if we were playing by the rules of the video games.

Then again this is the anime and things like this can happen.

On the other hand, I have been watching this anime long enough to know that bubbles can create fiery explosions so I don’t care too much. It could have been worse.

Gym Battle: Part 2

This episode did showcase some of the reasons why I enjoy watching Ash battle. The kid comes up with some interesting ways to turn the tide in his favor. The whole ‘Aim your Water Gun to the wall’ thing was proof of this. That and the shell shield technique helped Ash win in the signature style he’s known for since Johto.

Then we have Cilan. I can tell that this guy is going to be a mixed bag. He is clearly going to be Brock’s replacement. He is very knowledgeable about Pokemon and being a butler he surely knows how to cook. I like the fact that he is a butler, but these cooking and food references in his speech are tiring to hear throughout the episode. I commend Pokemon Company International for being creative in their writing to fit in so many references but I am not sure I will be able to stomach them for the entire Unova saga.

I did laugh at the scene between Ash and Cilan where he was bombarding Ash with all those questions about how he is able to bring out the ‘flavor’ of his Pokemon. That was funny to watch as I already knew that Ash would have no idea how to respond to them. That is something that Ash has never thought about and we know that he does what he does based on instinct.


We now move to the action part of this episode with Fennel. I am glad that this episode featured the Dreamyard and that Team Rocket is doing something compared with doing nothing last episode.

I just am disappointed for two reasons with the writers. First, we hear nothing about Fennel’s relationship with Professor Juniper. It was only a passing line in the video games, but I felt like it was worth mentioning here in the anime.

The second thing that gets me is that this episode would have been a good way to introduce Team Plasma. In the video games, the Dreamyard was where the player was introduce to Team Plasma as a villainous team. We see them kicking a munna which is a clear sign of how bad these guys can be. Instead they are replaced by Team Rocket.

It irks me that the writers decided to just use this arc as a way for Team Rocket to do something. I would have totally settle for a Team Plasma member watching from afar and noting Team Rocket’s presence in Unova or something. That would have at least set up for a Team Rocket and Team Plasma confrontation. Instead another ball dropped by the writers.

The whole Team Rocket thing felt decent. It wasn’t super great but it was good. It introduced Fennel and created some sort of back story for the Dreamyard that the games didn’t have. Musharna standing straight up with it’s eyes open creeps the heck out of me and I would prefer it if the pokemon was curled up like how we see it in the games because I never want to see that pokemon awake ever again. Those eyes creep the heck out of me.


Now time to complain about Iris before moving on. This chick is going to grind my gears if she keeps acting like some sort of know-it-all. The girl acts all high and mighty yet she has shown no bite for her bark. Like the way she calls Ash a kid when in reality she looks to be a few years younger then Ash (which I thought was impossible based on Ash’s appearance.) Kind of annoying and I really hope that her ‘bark’ will be explained one day. They picked the right English voice actress for her character, as she projects the bratty, little kid intonation quite well. Iris isn’t my favorite out of Ash’s current traveling companions.

Still this is going to be our Unova team. We have Ash wanting to conquer the Unova League. Cilan wanting to become the best Pokemon Connoisseur. Finally we have Iris wanting to be…umm….a better person? Haha (personally I don’t care but I think it has something to do with being a gym leader based on Pokemon White). This interesting team will hopefully inspire well-written situations for future episodes.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this episode was okay and I applaud TPCI for trying hard and tying some events within the game nicely. I feel that my rating for this episode is a bit generous but whatever… It was a good episode.


Written By: Mikey