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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Character name: Schrodinger Salvo.

Age: 33.

Gender: Tom.

Species: Anthropomorphic cat.

Team: Revolution Uprising.

Occupation: Classy businesscat - formerly an arms dealer.

Appearance: Schrodinger is a lithe, slim tomcat, who stands at just over three feet tall. He almost always wears a little smile, not especially cold but not warm, either. His eyes are a very rich golden color, which contrasts sharply with his black fur. His entire body is black, save for a patch of long, fluffy white fur at his throat. If you manage to catch him without his trademark suit and tie, or any torso garment at all, you'll see that he always wears a tie - the white patch resembles a tie exactly. However, most of the time he wears a three-piece suit that pretty much looks like this. The only real differences - pertaining to the suit itself, not that awesome bowler hat - lie in the coloration of the handkerchief and tie: the tie is cherry-red, and the kerchief is gray. He wears black Oxford shoes for footwear. His fur is very short and sleek; he prides himself on keeping it well-groomed.

Personality: Schrodinger is kind of a dangerous dude. His mental state is a volatile mix of borderline sociopathy, an 'it's just business' mentality, a proud arrogance that edges on narcissism, and a near-schizophrenic paranoia. He is someone that you want to keep on your good side - partly because his friends get weapons with less hassle, partly because he will ruthlessly - and often personally - eliminate threats. He is careful not to make enemies most of the time, however - in the cutthroat world of arms dealing, you have to try to minimize danger as much as you can, especially when you deal to both sides. Schrodinger does just that - he'll sell to anyone who can pay his fees, scruples be blown. He likes to keep a fat pocketbook, and is not afraid to lie or cheat or steal if the gains outweigh the risks. But he doesn't take blind risks - he uses his frightening intelligence to calculate the odds and acts accordingly. He would never dream of rushing in headfirst. He's a true chessmaster at heart, and would never make a move without analyzing all the factors.

However, Schrodinger does have a lighter side. Whenever his ruthless remorselessness isn't showing, he's really quite the dapper cat. He is not opposed to hosting media events or giving to charities, especially if it attracts publicity. He is extremely well-mannered, and he tends to speak softly unless he's extra PO'd, which is nearly never, as his levelheaded calm rivals that of a Treecko's. He loves fine wine and suits and reading, as well as cards and, yes, chess. Deep inside, Schrodinger's precise, well-disciplined mind teeters on the edge of a yawning abyss of self-doubt and the frustrations of a class-A perfectionist. These struggles almost never surface, but his perfectionism often rears its head, causing Schrodinger to act impatient and testy.

History: Schrodinger was born the eldest of five children to his industrious family in Central City. His mother was a psychologist, his father part of a long line of Salvo-family arms dealers. Being the firstborn, he was the heir apparent to the Salvo empire and was raised as such, taught a knowledge of weapons and the politics of business since he was very small. He turned out to have quite a talent for both, as well as knowing how to handle people in general. His father died when he was a mere 17, leaving him to take over the family business. Not only did he prove proficient, he took the business to new heights. He also began to play a dangerous game: before, his father had only sold weapons to the 'good guys'. Schrodinger began to sell to anyone who could pay for his weapons, which were high-quality enough for even Eggman to take an interest in. He was soon the top seller of weapons just about everywhere, and stayed at the top until the crap hit the fan and the worlds merged.

A strange group that spanned both worlds, calling itself Revolution Uprising, almost immediately tried to kill Schrodinger, a known source of the bad guys' gear. However, after a few false starts and some bullet holes, Schrodinger managed to make it clear that he was horrified with how far Dr. Robotnik had managed to get and how close he was to actually - God forbid - succeeding in one of his ventures, which Schrodinger had always assumed that he would never do. Now Schrodinger functions as the main weapon supplier for the RU. He also works in the field, trying to fend off Eggman - not necessarily out of the goodness of his heart. He kind of has a vested interest in the freedom of the world, after all, and if one person's in charge that's bad for business.

Weapons: A silenced semi-automatic pistol he conceals in his suit. He also keeps a small knife concealed in his left sleeve, which he releases with a flick of his wrist.

Special powers: He's a psychic. He has minor telekinetic abilities, which he is always striving to improve - he has enough dexterity to write without touching a pen, but can't lift anything much over five pounds. However, his telepathic and empathetic abilities are immensely keen. He can hear thoughts, as well as project his own. Sometimes he only makes his thoughts heard using this power. However, he is capable of controlling most people to a limited extent. He might not be able to make somebody shoot their best friend, but he can certainly weaken just about anyone's will, opening them up to verbal suggestions. He has legitimately driven others to madness, though this takes a lot of time and effort on his part.

Equipment: He always has a pen and a pad of paper on him, in case he needs to remember something. He gets extremely anxious otherwise.

Other: Any resemblances to Mordecai Heller from the webcomic Lackadaisy are purely unintentional. Also he's a lefty.


Character name: Alice Card.

Age: 16.

Gender: Lady.

Species: She be a human.

Team: Revolution Uprising.

Occupation: Pokemon Trainer.

Appearance: Alice Card is a very tall girl, standing at 5' 9". She has a wide, rangy frame, with long limbs that have been leaned and tanned by years of constant outdoor ambling. She has large hazel eyes and round cheeks dappled with freckles, which make her look deceptively innocent and childish. Long, dark brown hair flows down from her head and ending just before armpit length. Most of the time you see her, she'll be wearing the kind of warm, lively, wild smile that is just as likely to invite you to a lovely Christmas party as to start sticking forks in wall sockets. There's just a hint of fracture behind her happiness, but she does her best not to let it show in full.

Most of the time, Alice wears brightly colored, weather-beaten T-shirts and ragged shorts or jeans. She dresses for utility and comfort, not style. Providing support for both her and her pants is her belt, which carries her Pokeballs in their small forms, for convenient access. She wears flip flops or sandals whenever she even bothers to wear shoes; she usually just runs around barefoot. She always carries a denim Trainer's satchel on a sash around her torso. One thing you will never see her without, other than her Pokemon, is the locket around her neck. It's a simple thing, with a silver chain and a golden, spherical pendant that opens up to reveal... Something. Alice has never let a single soul look into the locket.

Personality: If you want to sum Alice Card up in a word, the word you're going to want is probably loud. Alice is a rather wild individual. She likes to laugh and joke and make noise, and she isn't afraid to do so. She really isn't afraid of much at all, in fact. She's a bold, self-assured, almost arrogant person, who says what she wants when she wants to say it. She is very stubborn, not looking for fights - just adventure - but never backing down from them. Despite her good intentions, however, her blunt speech, sailor's cursing, and sharp, sarcastic wit often attract anger. But haters, she says, are gonna hate, and she refuses to care.

Behind her loud, rough, and foulmouthed exterior, however, Alice has a heart of gold. She is genuinely kind, loving, and self-sacrificing. She would do anything for a friend, even if it meant harm to herself and/or anyone else. She loves almost all people and Pokemon, and does her best to make the world a better place. She is able to trust and love with all her heart, and because of this she has a deep inner fear of loss and betrayal. This leads to her 'live it like your last' mentality. She does her best to never take anything for granted, and tries to be as adventurous and as giving as she can in the time that she has. But she also has darkness in her heart: she suffers from nagging inner doubt, and she struggles with anger and bitterness. She frequently takes on too much responsibility, which weighs heavily on her and causes her to be tired and overextended.

She loves banana milkshakes.

History: Alice was the youngest of three siblings - the two others being rough-and-rowdy boys. Even when she was tiny, Alice knew how to face up to them. She grew up as 'one of the boys', not one to fuss or complain or hold catty grudges. Rather, she was always fighting. Anyone who would fight her, she fought, and she became the scourge of Nuvema Academy. Her favorite victims, though, were the playground bullies. One day she found them all taking vicious digs at a small, shy boy. She would have absolutely none of it. She rushed right to the boy's aid and beat the bullies off with a stick and a flurry of choice curse words. After this, she and the boy - whose name was Thom Otone - became inseparable friends. Eventually, when they got older, they went off on a Pokemon journey and began to realize along the way that they loved each other. But it wasn't meant to be. Alice had recently obtained a Natu in a trade. While Thom and Alice were in Opelucid, two Team Plasma grunts saw the rare Pokemon and wanted it for their own. They made off with the little bird, but Alice and Thom gave chase. They managed to corner the grunts. What happened next is unclear, as Alice has never elaborated beyond the fact that there was a Volcarona. But what was definitely certain was the burnt boy who lay in the charred grasses, the boy who died the next day.

After that, something about Alice changed. She became more than a Pokemon Trainer. She became a vigilante, thwarting Team Plasma wherever she could. She pounded their names into dust, fought their grunts, and returned kidnapped Pokemon to their heartbroken Trainers. Her name became a thing of hate and fear to the pseudo-knightly organization. She was a legend, invincible - until she wasn't.

One assassination attempt later, Alice Card had a bullet in her leg and a lot of dead Pokemon. Her heart was almost broken, and she felt powerless before such a vast organization as Team Plasma. Not too long later, she received an invitation from a mysterious group called the 'Nuit Noir' - an anti-terrorist organization spanning Hoenn and Jotoh - that had noted her skills and courage in taking on Team Plasma. They invited Alice to join them, and Alice, seeking any opportunity to feel worthwhile again, happily accepted. She worked with them for several months, until the merge hit and the Noir split. Alice almost immediately began to help with the regrouping effort, saying that Eggman was 'just another terrorist' and should be fought as such. She helped to rebuild the team into the 'Revolution Uprising' group that it is today, and she now fights to bring about Eggman's downfall and save her world.

Pokemon team: - Darius, the male Serperior. His ability is Overgrow. His nature is Adamant. OT: Alice.
- Garda, the female Krookodile. Her ability is Moxy. Her nature is Jolly. OT: Alice.
- Jack, the male Simipour. His ability is Gluttony. His nature is Naive. OT: Alice.
- Liberty, the male Braviary. His ability is Big Pecks. His nature is Impish. OT: Thom.
- Bessie, the female Scolipede. Her ability is Poison Point. Her nature is Gentle. OT: Alice.
- Alto, the female Audino. Her ability is Healer. Her nature is Sassy. OT: Thom.
- Oracle, the male Xatu. His ability is Magic Bounce. His nature is Quirky. OT: Unknown.
- Gretchen, the female Hydreigon. Her ability is Levitate. Her nature is Calm. OT: Alice.

Weapons: A pocket-knife that she carries in her... pocket.

Equipment: Pokedex, the satchel, and her belt o' Pokeballs.

Other: Applejacks. c':


Reservations please? ALSO NUBNUB.
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