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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

AGE: 23 years
SPECIES: Anthropomorphic Rabbit
TEAM: Guardian Units of Nations
OCCUPATION: Scout Sniper Commando


First time I've ever drawn a Sonic-esque character, but I think this came out pretty well. :P

Standing 3'6", Ace is an anthropomorphic rabbit that has an athletic frame. From head to toe, he's covered with dark gray fur, except for the area around his mouth, which is white. Meanwhile, he has blue colored eyes. Meanwhile, his long rabbit ears reach about halfway down his back. In addition, he has extremely keen eyesight and very strong natural hearing ability. As he is armed with exceptional tracking skills, he knows what to find and how to find it.

For clothing, Ace wears a lightweight cotton shirt in a brown color shade, while his pants are a dark forest green. He also wears steel kneepads to absorb some of the shock that might be experienced after jumping down from great distances. Besides that, he wears a dark red bandana, as well as a black quiver on his back that carries his arrows. For the most part, Ace is an urban sniper. His natural gray fur allows him to blend in with the rest of the stone and concrete buildings. However, he is also effective at sniping in the forest, where he'll usually wear a light ghillie suit to hide himself. Naturally, he is good at hiding, as well as finding those that are trying to be hidden.

Unlike others, he isn't trained for speed as much as he is trained for acrobatics, gymnastics, and other aerial feats, to the point of being able to scale walls, fly through trees via branches, and other incredible maneuvers. He also sticks to being lightweight, which allows him to jump at least thirty feet into the air and then let his acrobatics take him the rest of the way up, almost being able to defy gravity as long as he has something to grab onto and jump off of. While he may not be able to run as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog, his specialty is being able to head upward and downward vertically with incredible speed and agility. Meanwhile, he is also difficult to hit with his evasive techniques.

While perceptive and agile, Ace isn't very charismatic, which suits him just fine being a sniper and more of a lone wolf. Being lightweight means he also lacks in terms of physical brawn, and his ability to endure pain isn't as high as he'd like. However, due to his need to stay lightweight, he doesn't wear much armor besides his kneepads, which aren't even meant to deflect gunshots. A lot of it relies on him making sure he doesn't get hurt in the first place.

PERSONALITY: Ace isn't particularly cheerful. He's prone to pessimism, usually as a result of feeling he just can't rely too much on others to do things the way he'd like them to be done. As a result, he makes an outright crappy leader, and most other members of the Guardian Units of Nations wouldn't trust Ace to train recruits with a ten foot pole. If there's anything Ace hates, it's training and teaching rookies. There's too many things he can do that rookies never could, and he just can't see things from their point of view and work around their inability to do such. He's the kind that would scale up a building in just a few seconds and expect others to be able to do the same. He also dislikes how long it takes to train someone new in the realm of warfare and survival. And he hates stupid questions with a passion. Rookies, unfortunately, are prone to asking many.

Impatient and hasty, Ace has only one real plan. Set a goal, and improvise along the way to get to it. He hates intricate diversions that rely on too many variables being consistent. He focuses way more on the "what to do" objectives and leaves the "how to do them" operations to be spur of the moment. He also has a bit of a problem with authority and following orders, and has no regard for red tape regulations whatsoever. Having to get "permission" or "security clearance" to do or use something that would help him with his mission is one of his biggest pet peeves. That kind of bureaucracy could make him angry enough to punch a baby bunny, and very often he doesn't care and goes ahead anyway if he can.

But even under that cold and hard exterior, he's not heartless. He'll rescue an ally fallen in combat, especially if it's clear they gave it their all and it was mere bad luck that incapacitated them. Though forceful about the way he wants to do things, he would never intentionally hurt the innocent, even though his philosophy believes every civilian man, woman, and child should be forced to have to undergo at least some kind of combat training, the same way they're educated to learn history, math, and so on in school. He, however, definitely wouldn't be the one to train them. He does wish, however, that civilians would at least take up arms and stand their ground with whatever minimum combat training they were given rather than flee in panic and hysteria.

As another weakness, Ace isn't good with computers. He isn't fond of anything that has a lot of programming (he's okay with vehicles and machines with a very minimal amount of programming, but that's pretty much his limit), and he detests a lot of science and astrophysicist lingo being thrown about between members of what he usually calls the "nerd herd" and their "geek speak." He's also not out to steal technology either, he'd rather just destroy it.

In terms of Robotnik, he pretty much hates him with every fiber of his soul. Unlike other members of GUN, he feels roboticized allies and innocent people turned into machines are a lost cause, and cannot be saved. He knows rumors of a method to undo the process exist, but he doesn't put much stock into them. And if it ever happened to him (though he'd far rather die fighting that be taken prisoner and potentially roboticized), he'd rather prefer it if they just put him out of his misery. He essentially sees these robots as Robotnik's mechanical horde of zombies, just armed with better armor and weaponry than the usual shambling undead.

Ace doesn't trust Pokémon very much, and often sizes them up just in case a fight could potentially break out. He respects their powers, but that also means he knows they can be dangerous if they were to ever turn. He does, however, plan on helping with the mission to undo the merge that happened between the two worlds. He isn't so keen about living among Pokémon, and especially their legendaries.

HISTORY: Ace comes from a clan of rabbits known as the Nightkin, born to live in dark places and be active during night. Before the world merge, Ace and the rest of the Nightkin kept their distance, letting Sonic and the rest of the Freedom Fighters simply do their missions and stay out of the way. While there were several Nightkin that wanted to join them, it was ill-advised by the leader, Kanus, as he felt Robotnik would seek his vengeance against them. Truth was, it wouldn't have made a difference. Robotnik would have torn the Nightkin settlement to shreds either way, if he knew where they were located.

Ace was born to two Nightkin, his mother Kary and his father Rend. Upon his birth, one of the most notable traits their son displayed was his flexibility and his fondness for simply jumping, back-flipping, and climbing. As he grew older, his skills increased, and while he would have been an ideal candidate for Sonic's Freedom Fighters, he questioned their leadership and regarded Sonic himself as disgustingly arrogant, and honestly wished something would humble the blue hedgehog every once in a while and bring him back to reality. He still did not, however, want Robotnik to come out on top for obvious reasons. A simple humiliation to Sonic would have sufficed perfectly.

But in the meantime, Ace grew fond of using a bow. His first one was made of simple wood, but it worked well nonetheless. He also learned how to make his own arrows. There were a few times when Robotnik's Badniks attacked the colony, but often Ace, even at a young age, was able to attack the machines by shooting them in the eyes, which in turn disabled their CPU. In time, he grew better and better at shooting moving targets, even while he was back-flipping and spiraling through the air.

In time, he lived on his own, vastly increasing his hunting and gathering skills. He excelled in tracking and finding food, as well as other survival skills. He also grew accustomed to being attacked by Robotnik's machines and technology, and it in turn helped him increase his abilities. He, however, still avoided the Freedom Fighters. The idea of falling under Sonic's command and being ordered around just to support the ego-boosting of his boss didn't sit well with him in the slightest, even if they were still against Robotnik.

The world merge changed everything. Ending up in the world of Pokémon put Ace in a very foreign situation among creatures of vast power. Ace didn't trust Pokémon back then, and he doesn't trust them now, even as they're under the control of his allies and haven't done anything to harm him. Regardless, in the midst of the foreign situation, Ace grew determined to reverse the damage that had been done to both worlds. It wasn't long until Ace felt compelled to join the Guardian Units of Nations, even though he wasn't keen on working alongside Pokémon or working under authority. However, the situation told him that it was suicide not to find allegiance with a powerful group of allies. Humans were also hard to recognize as allies especially considering Robotnik, the only human he really knew about prior to the merge, had done so much damage beforehand. Ace has been slowly getting used to it, but still, he watches them very carefully. Still, his distrust of Pokémon and other humans isn't as strong as his hatred against Robotnik.

Most GUN commanding officers that have worked with Ace know he is skilled, but will not hesitate to go off and do his own thing if he feels his strategy and ideas are better. They have also tried to convince him to train other members of GUN, which hasn't worked out either.

Now, Ace has his sights set on undoing the damage Robotnik has done, and to finally put him down for good.

Bladed-Avenger Tek Bow - Ace's main weapon of choice is the bow, made of a nightsteel and karanium alloy that would require something on the level of nuclear holocaust to destroy. He's extremely skilled with it, and his accuracy and ability to stuff an arrow in the weak spot of an enemy is rivaled by no one. Ace also uses several different kinds of arrows, including explosive ones, tranquilizer arrows in case he needs a biological target alive (rare case), arrows that contain tracking beacons, grappling hooks, and many other "utility" arrows. Most of them he makes himself, although he does have to rely on GUN to access the facilities and materials needed to make the more "weaponized" and utility arrows.

In its second form, the bow can also be quickly disassembled to become two long-bladed knives made of a steel alloy that are able to shred through most other metals. They are especially effective in close combat situations, and can also be helpful in the event Ace runs out of arrows. Ace does carry arrows by the hundreds, but in the event of a large scale invasion, definitely not out of Robotnik's reach, it may be possible.

SPECIAL POWERS: Incredible sight and listening ability, which in turn vastly increases his accuracy, which is barely even affected in the dark. He also possesses incredible acrobatic and gymnastic skill which helps him with evasive techniques and combat maneuvers.
EQUIPMENT: Besides his quiver of arrows, Ace keeps a communications radio on him, although he prefers making the call, not receiving it when often he's not ready for it. Since he is often a scout, he keeps it to report to base regarding his findings. He also carries a few explosive devices on him as well, but only if the mission calls for it. Otherwise, he'd rather not have the extra weight keeping him down. As a personal policy, Ace only carries what he really needs. He isn't the kind that would pick up tons of the enemy's weapons as trophies or to go Rambo later on.
OTHER: Ace mainly prefers his bow, but he can be decent with a rifle or semi-automatic firearm if his bow is out of arrows or using it wouldn't help as much as a gun would in the moment (almost never the case). He, however, isn't a fan of automatic firearms, as the recoil is what sets him off. He can be better than most with these types of weapons, but the shaking and loud noise (keep in mind his hearing is more sensitive) doesn't put him in his happy place. He can and will also use suppressors whenever possible.

And yes, if "Avengers" and "Hawkeye" came to mind while reading this, you're right, it was inspired by that dude. Great movie. :P

And yeah, Nubnub. Totally forgot about that.

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