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Have you ever played the Pokemon games on Gameboy Advanced? (Or even now, on Nitendo DS?) Do you remember what the best part of the game was? The fun times you can have, just focusing on being a Pokemon Trainer and making it to the top, or hunting and collecting all the Pokemon there were, right?

Well, that's the whole premise on which this site was founded on! Come on in and create your own Pokemon Trainer. Let him start his Pokemon Journey, and the staff will take care of the rest! It is the chance you might have wanted - to be able to roleplay that same experience out! You can collect all the Pokemon, and you can even come up with your own Pokemon in this world. If a Staff member likes your creation, it could actually be found within the Mochia Region of Pokemonsters Live!

We also have a breeding center, and a place to hold Pokemon Contests at. You don't have to let the fun end at just hunting for Pokemon, breed them to get the best stats! Let your Pokemon enter in Beauty Competitions and see if they can't win a ribbon for you! Have fun doing more than just training to become the best! Plus, you are allowed to make threads battling each other as members, and encouraged to do so! All the fun of the Pokemon Games in roleplay form!

Also, we are always looking for Affiliates, so if you have your own site, especially if it's a Pokemon one, and you want to Affiliate with us, please stop by.


[x] Active and friendly community new community - We are growing daily. We currently have 45 members with usually 5-8 Staff and 8-11 members logging in daily!
[x] The Freedom NOT to join plots - we have just released a Plot-base centered around a new Legendary called "Pegima" and "Team DARK" who are trying to catch her.
[x] Rewards for active Roleplaying!
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