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Default Re: +;The NEW Official Pe2k Podcast Thread;+ - Episode Five: Teddiursa. Guest: Ant201

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post
So...a new episode is finally up. xD This was done in February. SO, so sorry this was only put up now. Also the layout changed for the site thing so I didn't know how to link the blog to the podcast, so the iTunes subscription thing might not load until I learn how to fix it. Dx

Here's the podcast. Sorry I was really flat that day. DD: I don't know why I was!

How very plain of you...

Needs moar extravagance, Xanthe.

"Oh a link.. kay."

The PE2K Podcast!
Episode: Axew!

(To listen, just click the picture!)

Greetings Pe2k goers! We apologize for the long and tired hiatus, but we're busy people! We have lives! Forgive us! The dog ate our recordings! Anyways, hoping you'll forgive us, here's your new podcast episode! Seeing as how guests fail to show up when we give them a time to get online, there was no guest! So in this episode you'll have Graceful_Suicune, XaiakuX, and Pe2k_Voices. We tried harder to stay on topic, but when they found out Caleb was editing the Podcast, chaos erupted. So what you'll hear is roughly 1/3 of the madness that actually happened. With that said, listen and enjoy!

Also, to the iTunes subscribers, so changes were made, so until we figure it out, you may have to bear without downloading directly from iTunes.
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