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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Character name: Scar

Age: 15

Gender: Male



Occupation:Pokemon trainer, G.U.N. Agent

Appearance: I am small for my age, standing 5 feet. I am slender and have long, light brown hair that really has no style to it. I have light blue eyes, the color of the sky. I am pale with a large mouth and long nose. I am always in jeans and a green T-shirt that has no design on it. I have a large scar across my eye. I am always wearing running shoes and have a backpack filled with supplys. I wear a bandage on my left hand that I refuse to take off or tell anyone what happened. I am always wearing a grin on my face, though no one bothers to ask why, because I ignore them. I have shiny teeth, so shiny, they could hurt the naked eye if it's stared at for to long.

I have smooth features. I don't have moles or pimples or acne or anything. I am not muscular, I am rather weak. I have dark brown eyebrows and they are easy to see from a distance away. I have bags under my eyes constantly, since I never sleep. I am almost never clean, always covered in dirt. I have short finger nails, to short to hurt anyone with them. I do not bother making my apearence apealing and never even bother to clean myself of even a little, unless it's out of control. I have a longish neck and a head that is normally sized.

Personality: I am very courious and will not close an eye until I have the awnser to a question. I am always spying on people thanks to my small size. I am also very mysterious, since I never tell anyone why or how I do something. I am very short tempered and don't take insults lightly. I am very serious when it comes to Pokemon battles, but am light hearted otherwise. I am always looking for an oppurtunity to make other people smile. I want everyone to be safe and am very selfless. I always trust before mistrusting and hate the Robotnik machines. I dislike supernatural abilities because it is not suposed to be. I believe everyone should be free of the evil Dr. Robotnik.

I believe that people shouldn't be defending cities, since he'll easily take them. I believe that everyone should be searching for the Chaos Emeralds and Legendary Pokemon so Robotnik can't get his hands on them. I am great at math and science and use them to try and find the places of the emeralds when they were launched across the world. I am a tireless searcher with the emeralds and legendaries as well as questions. I will not rest, even at risk of being robotosized, to stop Robotnik

History: I was born in hoen, but was scared to Sinoh when the Death Egg landed. My father was the champion of Hoen, but was robotisized shortly after I left to Central City. Once this happened, I hated Robotnic and met an agent of G.U.N., who recruited me into the anti-Robotnic group. In those three weeks, I trained until my Pokemon and I were more powerful than ever. Since the merge of the two worlds, I have trained with my Pokemon and, two weeks after all this happened, I left the G.U.N. HQ and started exploring Central City, trying to find the way to defeat Robotnik.

I have never found a way to destroy any of his plans, but have found out what he is after. I found out he was after Chaos Emerelds, and I started to search for them. All things I have done was because my father was robotisized. I have tried to find out how to unrobotisize people, but I have found nothing. I have seen Pokemon trainers robbed of their Pokemon, but to my trouble could not help. I have worked scrupiously to try and bring down Robotnik.

Pokemon team:

Equipment: Pokedex

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