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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Hehehehehe...Finally, I get to square off against Neo. I think.

Name: Zek(rom) Chakram. Or, at least, that's what he calls himself. No birth Certificate, no adopted name, no nothing. It's not even a Code Name. That is his sole substitute for a name.
Age: Apparently, there are only three people in the world-alive or dead-that know this. Poor Zek is NOT one of them. He thinks he's in his mid-twenties, but he's not entirely sure. No birthday is known, either, nor birth-month, nor birth-year. So, in short, he’s got no clue.
Gender: Did I already say he was a he several times? Yes, yes I did. He's Male.
Species: Considering the lack of fur, scales, or other such protrusions that hide his skin, as well as a total lack of tails, wings, or other additional limbs, he's human.
Team: I'm on Revolution Uprising. He is too...But he's prone to breaking alliances. He doesn't even trust an immovable and non-moving boulder to stay put.
Occupation: Apparently, a Black Market Racketeer, and a very successful one at that. From his last bout of amnesia, that's all he remembers.

Appearance: He's slightly above the average height, and weighs much lower than the average weight. He has black eyes, and even when he is emotional, they look like emotionless, soulless voids. He's got black hair to complement it, and a split black moustache too (he had a goatee to go with it, but he shaved it off). His lips are thin, his chin is long, his skin is pale, and he usually looks sick. He rarely is sick, actually. He has worked out, and although nobody that's been body-building a long time would have any problem out-muscling him, it's definitely enough to kick the s**t out of anyone-or anything-unprepared. The real kicker is Parkour-he doesn’t know martial arts, oh no, but he does know how to kill you with movements he can do in Parkour instead, making it a deadly weapon in its own right. He's had a few cases where he's made foes-Badniks, Pokémon, and humans alike-shoot each other because they didn't expect him to move in the ways he did, as another note-and as a third, he’s also gotten Badniks to shoot themselves. That being said, if he is forced to be immobile for any reason, his ability to fight just goes down the drain.

He generally wears a zippered hoodie and very thin black pants (he has trouble getting them on), underneath the hoodie sporting a Kevlar vest and his Pokémon belt. Usually, a Pokémon belt has room for six Pokémon, but as a Racketeer, he used more Pokémon than the legal limit at many a times (that being said, he did not find it fit to carry all of his Pokémon on one belt, so he restricted himself at all times to have at most, ten, a limit he hasn’t even reached). His Hoodie sports a lot of pockets, usually ones fitted for guns of all sizes (so long as he can hold them in one hand). They're all black-even his PokéBalls, which are painted Black, and don't make the usual light show or make the noises usually associated with (and in fact, are usually standard-issue things that cannot be modified legally without permission. Who’s a Black Market Racketeer to ask for permission?). He really loves that Color, and has been nicknamed "Zek," short for "Zekrom," because of it, to the point where he puts it down as a first name (out of sheer annoyance).

Personality: He is a man of few words and little kindness. Sure, he's part of the RU, does well enough with people to pass for a form of social skills, and prefers to have the least amount of casualties-on his side, anyway. but d***it, he's willing to take quite a few lives to stop Eggman. He has his human limits-not going to slaughter the whole of a species or the whole of a country, IE-but you'd think he doesn't care for you at all, even after you've gotten on his good side. A 'friend' is more or less an 'unknown ally,' but not a companion or anyone close to him-he has a tendency to kill whoever he thinks is trying to make him slip up and spill a few secrets, and will justify it as "keeping secrets absolutely secret."

That being said, he isn't into secrets. That's Socrate's job. Zek's job in the RU is much more...Active, to say the least. His duty to the Revolution Uprising suits his personality: 'Hunting,' which is the job of actually hunting down the Chaos Emeralds. How that suits his personality is evident: He's ruthless, brutal, and not above violence, yet at the same time, he's hard to find, usually hidden, quiet, not well seen, and patiant. He's known for seeing through such factors as beauty, cuteness, toughness, how they talk, ect. He judges people based on how they think and act. His links to the Black Market, in particular, make any criminal involved in the Market think twice about lying to him. He's not above using his links to the Market to extort people into forking over facts or stealing their stuff (or hiring assassins to kill them, but he usually can do that on his own), among less violent things. He's used the criminal systems of travel to transport supplies for the RU in ways Eggman-or really, most of the RU-wouldn't have known or guessed.

However, the real issue is trust. He barely has any trust at all, and won't give a c**p whether or not you're on his side if you’ve displayed questionable actions against him (or the RU, but mostly him). He's going to leave you to the Houndoom the instant you've proven you're not trustworthy. He'll vote against any attempt to integrate new members from other Teams on the basis that they’re likely to be spies, or else steal important stuff and jump straight back-and will usually be willing to shoot them, before either has happened, in fact. In short, make a dumb move, and he may continue following orders, but he'll keep a very sharp eye on you-and make sure he doesn't get a hold of your pills, if you take any. Don’t mistake this for a lack of patience, though: He’s patient, and if it will take him a month at least to have the best chance of success for any operation. He’s also understanding of everyone’s limits, and usually gives tasks that put people under that limit: You’re either a lazy a**hole or a backstabber to botch something he knows you can do…And he’ll usually think the latter, unless you’re known for being a lazy a**hole.

History: Zek's been slapped with the amnesia stick quite a few times. He's had a weakness to that. However, he's been smart enough since his last few bouts to keep a record of details of...Well, what he needs to know. He usually has foggy recollections of any area he's been to before, as well.

Zek's history? Apparently, before his first bout of amnesia, he was an orphan. No Orphanage for him, either, he was all alone. He was born fleeing from Mankind and Monkind alike, using whatever means he had to escape both threatening forces. He'd kill and cook Pokémon, and eat them without hesitation or recollection. It does explain his muscles. And his great escape style. Eventually, when he was six, he was kidnapped, and hit on the head a few times, his first amnesiac bout.

When he awoke, he was nothing more than a hostage to criminals. With no explicit memory of his prior experiences in the wild, all he had left was an instinct-a kind of wild parkour meant for more than just movement. He used it to kill most of the men in the room, but the remaining one shot a bullet to his knee, and transported him to the region's head of the Black Market. Said Region? Unova.

He doesn't remember the Don himself-the Don used voice masks and never showed a fleck of skin, and wore all black, and never gave a name other than, sarcastically, Don. However, the Don was amused by this young boy. What use was an amnesiac boy who could kill armed men? C***loads. He taught him about the criminal underworld, how to make money, how to live, how to not die, how to use weapons, how to blend in, basic s**t 6-year olds should know, the like. In exchange, the amnesiac boy swore to give the Don a cut of the profits while he's alive, and able to give profits. Neither The Don nor the boy, the former naming the latter Chakram, trusted the other, one of the things the Don taught Chakram: Trust was a burden, but don't expect everyone to jump out at you with a knife, full intent to kill you. Just most of the people.

Eventually, Chakram and the Don separated-not by death, amnesia, or force either-but Chakram was ready to do some Racketeering. He and the Don never met face-to-face or heard each other's voices again, both sending their messages and money silently. Several times, he got hit with the amnesia stick again (Usually from hits to the head), but he got people to help him remember quickly or got over it himself, and later on used a journal to keep track of events in case of such events. Outside of those events, which took him out of commission for a while, he had been an excellent Racketeer, confounding even the International Police, evading the downfall of most Racketeers, and getting paid a good amount on a usual basis. Life was good. He even learned of his ‘first life’ through some research.

Then the world started to self-destruct. The instant the rifts started appearing, he wrote down the basic information he needed to know-he could almost sense the amnesia setting in again. Then the boom came. He never knew where he was exactly for the rifts to go into overdrive-but the last thing he remembered, ironically, was a large Cyan-colored crystal slam into his noggin. He woke up in the forest, surrounded by RU guns, and just like the last time people surrounded him with guns after an amnesiac bout (which was also the first time it had happened), he killed all but one who shot a bullet in his knee, who dragged him off to see an RU leader. He isn't as trusting of the RU leader (and the RU in general) as the Don he learned from (Zek lost contact with the Don), but they understand each other-Zek (nicknamed thus at this point) lives, the RU gets a violently good hunter for the Chaos Emeralds they need so badly. Zek also wants revenge on Eggman-his life wouldn't be in such a dangerous, even more unstable position if Eggman never came, and will not rest until he's dead. Not to mention he really hates Sonic and his fellow antromorphs. Zek, ultimately, wants to live.

That's all he knows how to do. And he’s attracted unwanted attention from more than just enemies.

Pokémon team: For someone that takes no chances when it comes to survival, Zek's got less than his belt can hold. That may just be because he doesn't know when the next Pokémon will have to share places with his 'official' team. This is only his team at the start of the RP: he has WAY more Pokémon than this, but rarely has the limit of 10.

Dragonite: Zek Chakram doesn't nickname. He just doesn't. Regardless, this Dragonite, while being kinder and more considerate than Zek, is just as strong and brutal as he is, and will rarely disobey orders out of morality. Dragonite is used for when stealth isn't applicable, and has been known to get Zek out of quite a few jams. He got Dragonite as a Dragonair, stolen out of worse hands than his own, hence his loyalty (that, and Zek’s lack of acknowledgement of the Dragonite’s level of trust).

Medicham: Zek has a Medicham for a reason: Lucario is a Pokémon that would be almost out of the question for him to own, being as unfriendly as he is, leaving a Medicham as the next best contender for a Pokémon that sees the Aura. There are reasons why the Police haven't caught him yet, and this is one of them. Like most of his Pokémon, this one was stolen.

Jit: Zek Chakram doesn't nickname. However, whoever had this Galvantula before he did, well did nickname. Jit refuses to go by any other name, so to Zek’s annoyance (he doesn’t like nicknames), he calls him Jit. Jit’s uses ranges from disabling single Badniks fast and painlessly (surge-protected or not), to trapping foes, to wiping out hordes of any Badnik unfortunate enough to not be surge-protected. Stolen, as well.

Ninetales: One of the few Pokemon Zek hasn't stolen, this Ninetales is one of the few Pokemon that's followed Zek around for quite some time. It's curses come quite in handy (Instant-death touch, anyone?), and this Ninetales has the ability to change the weather to unnaturally clear and bright. It's also one of the few Pokemon on Chakram's team that is intelligant enough to be considered superior to humans-something Zek rarely likes when picking party members.

Carracosta: Zek's had a hard time finding something that hurts it (severely) that isn't an explosive. Carracosta is almost immune to bullets (if bullets are weak individually, they won't work at all), and the Badnik's lasers aren't faring well either, so Carracosta is basically mobile cover that can swim and kill you with a variety of energy projectiles. It also is shiny-fitting, considering the darker coloration Carracosta's shiny form is.

Sceptile: Zek stole it himself as a Treeko. It's very useful, considering Zek's job does require some stealth, and definately mobility. This thing destroys hrodes of Badniks and other foes in jungles, forests, the like, so there's reason number 2.

Ditto: This Ditto is no ordinary Ditto. It is a Ditto that can take the forms of humans as well, and has very good memory, hardly forgets anything. It can only transform into biological things it's seen, but it never messes up if it's been seen within a week, and rarely screws up even a tiny detail even then. However, it's very scared of Zek, and will do what he says as if his life depended on it's completion. Considering who it is...

Shedinja: Rarely used, considering it's frail nature, but it is dead as it stands already. This gives it an alarming amount of uses, mainly slipping by any of Eggmans bots-it is basically a rock to the Badniks, emitting no heat, having no internal organs, and anything else of that nature.

Weapons: One pistol, one small Submachine Gun he can wield in one hand, both silenced, both with enough ammo to make sure he doesn't run out on a mission (which is a ton), both on his person at all times, both having full clips at all times. Also comes with a combat knife and a few very small explosives.
Special powers: N/A. Do not declare you’re psychic around him, mind-reading is a big no-no for Zek Chakram-and don’t even get him started on the Antromorphs. Anything as smart as or smarter than him with much better abilities is basically deadlier than Zek, which for Zek, is not a plesant thought.
Equipment: A Kevlar vest and six rings. No, not the Sonic Variety, literally six steel rings (said 'steel' illegally taken from the hides and bodies of several steel-types, then turned into a near-invincible alloy) he puts around his arms to enhance his striking ability with his arms without restraining his arm movement. Also has a headset on at all times, for communication. And what would a Black Market Racketeer be without a good reserve of cash? He's got at least $1000 dollars on his person (in 20 dollar bills).
Other: NUBNUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and Zek knows that the Cyan Chaos Emerald is in Unova...He's just not sure where exactly.
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