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Default Re: [COMIC] Digimon: Just a Game? [PG]

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post
I liked that battle between John and Nick! Nick sounds hilarious. xD A bit of a derp, but he's amusing to listen to, and fairly harmless. c: Ryan's a butt pie, like usual, but I guess I better get used to that. xD And, haha, Kelly is so stuck up! Cry me a river, girl. xD Also, on page 14 Nick says, "Harugumon, moves forward" which should be "move." xD And, haha, the attack is called heavy metal. xD *imagines them spawning (I hate that word) a guitar and rockin' out*

Sorry I hadn't commented till now. .-. I don't know why I'd missed the previous two pages! Dx It's cool they're all together now though. There are more main characters than I thought, unless they're not all going to stay. xD Nick is probably my favourite 'cause I find him amusing. xD I still love Elecmon though. O:

Nick can be a bit of a derp, but he means well. Ryan is an insane butt pie, although I can't say how long it'll last for. Kelly might seem a bit stuck up, but in her defense she didn't even want to hang out with the guys :P

Don't worry about it :) There's just one more main character, but she shows up a bit later. Elecmon is pretty awesome :D

Thanks for reading and commenting!
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