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Default Re: [Wi-Fi/PO] Revolution Uprising

Originally Posted by Metal Gear Snivy View Post
This seems like fun ^_^

IGN: Velo
PO Name: MGS
Japanese Nickname: Choroneko
FC: Give me some time (Kao and TE, you know my FC. Don't think I'm being pushy, I'll fill this out later. At least I have PO xD)
Reason(s) For Joining: Seems like fun. I think it would be awesome. Like the PE2KWFL
Past Clan(s): None that I can remember
Pokemon Experience: Ever since I was, like, 5 (About 8 Years)
Other Skill(s): I make relatively fun games and I'm okay in spriting (I said okay, not awesome)
Timezone: MST (-7)
Favorite Color: Blue. In which I'm using right now.

Here's a sprite if you need one:
Oops. ^^' Welcome aboard. :)

Originally Posted by Pickleboy View Post
His PO name is : Kaden the Skynerd
btw: I'm his cousin
He should've been the one to tell me his PO name, not you.

Welcome @SkyOwl.
Join the PE2K Wi-Fi League!

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