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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Reserve get!

Character name: Miles "Tails" Prower
Age: 8
Gender: Male
Species: Fox
Team: Revolution Uprising
Occupation: Umm....unemployed? XD
Tails stands a bit shorter than Sonic(80cm), and has yellow-ornage fur, sans the tips of his twin tails, his stomach, and the area surrounding his mouth. Tails has large, blue eyes, and a three-pronged tuft of hair above those eyes and centered in the top of his forehead. He has large fox ears with white "insides" and orange "outsides" on the top of his head. A small black nose sits just above his mouth. He has quite thin limbs like the rest of his friends, and wears white gloves almost identical to Sonic's: plain, and secured by a thin black strap under the fold of the wrist. His feet end in white socks and red and white sneakers, red nearer to the back, and white further to the front. The bottom of his shoes are quite unremarkable, with soles to grip the ground, but not designed for ice.

Personality: Acts a bit shy and reserved to people he doesn't know, but will always step up and do the right thing in any situation. He has a tendency to talk very technically while working on mechanical equipment. For you Sonic fans, I'll be using a hybrid between Sonic Adventure Tails and Sonic Colors Tails. He can't stand seeing a friend hurt or in trouble, or anyone innocent for that matter. Tails hates Eggman with a passion, and will stop at nothing to stop him. After learning (in Sonic adventure) that he doesn't need to always rely on Sonic and his friends, he's become a bit more independent, but still feels the need to find them when they're separated. Doesn't like being bothered when he's working on his machines, and is very strategic in his thinking. Most of the time, however, his naive mind gets the best of him and he fumbles on his words, messing up some of his plans. He's very outspoken and gets easily upset if he's ignored or left out, or when he's belittled. He hates it when friends fight(Prime example: Sonic and Knuckles)and having to fight his friends. Is easily scared, and is outright terrified at lightning and thunder(and other loud noises and bright flashes)

History: Pre-Perfect Fusion
(For Sonic fans: I'm using a combination of both the Western and Japanese versions of Tails's past)
Tails was bullied at a very young age for having two tails, and was constantly depressed. His happiness returned after seeing Sonic run, and instantly wanted to go as fast as him(to be as "cool as him"), so he eventually learned to use his twin tails as a means of going faster. After following Sonic once, he saw the Tornado(Sonic's Plane), in disrepair. He fixed the plane up one day, adding "Sonic" to the sides. Sonic came by at this point, asking what Tails was doing. After a short discussion, the two became friends, and it's been like that ever since. Tails, together with Sonic, has thwarted Eggman many times.

In Perfect Fusion

During the "fusion" of the worlds, Tails' current plane, the Tornado II, in it's "X" Mode, which, due to the lack of Chaos Emeralds, he had functioning on normal power(Which made it quite a bit slower), malfunctioned, and he was forced to eject from the plane. Waking up on the ground in an unfamiliar place, he wandered around for quite a bit in the dense forest he landed in. Coming upon a fierce battle between Revolution Uprising and a legion of Eggman's robots, he immediately decided he needed to help RU. He helped in the battle, knowing most of the robot's weaknesses, and afterwards talked with Revolution Uprising. They didn't have many weapons or vehicles, and Tails happily decided to help out the team.

Weapons: His tails, Misc. Tools(LOLWHU- *Wrench in the back of the head*)
Special powers: Flying with his twin tails,Technical Expertise(Almost on Eggman level).
Equipment: Misc. Tools. Will begin working on weapons when the RP starts.
Other: Nothing? Nubnub, I guess. Tails will spend at least a bit of his time trying to make a Chaos Emerald finder if he finds an Emerald, and will be trying to find the rest of his friends also.


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