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Default Basic Guide to Role Playing - For the New!

Basic Guide to Role Playing

~ For those that are new, to learn and improve!

Hello there! Welcome to the Basic Role Playerís Guide for the New to Improve!

Welcome to your first step into learning more about what Role Playing is, how to do it, learning itís terms and simple nooks and crannyís. However, you may be wondering to yourself a question:

What exactly is Role Playing?

Role Playing is where you control the role of your character, and play as that character through a plot or story with other members. You control your characterís actions, interactions, reactions, everything they do through the story.

So now youíre probably thinking;

What is a Role Play?

A Role Play is an interactive story, where a plot has been defined, and the problem is set out to be solved or made worse, by characters created by members, participating in that Role Play. Characters help progress the story to a [in almost all cases, undefined] end, adding to its depth and intrigue with their own events, actions and doings.

Now that youíve gotten that far, letís take a look around the forums to help you get started!

Role Play Boards:
Here is where the Role Play, or RP for short, actually happens. All of the story and character interaction goes on in this forum, and for those creating their own RP, this is where you post the actual thread to begin! Being a Pokťmon forum, we are not limited to only Pokťmon Role Plays, all kinds of RPís may be posted here.

Role Play Sign Ups and Discussion:
Looking for a Role Play to join? Want to start a Role Play, but need members to join them? This is where you start anything Role Play. Again, any Sign Up for any kind of Role Play begins here. These threads are also for where all the discussion about the RP in particular happens. Anything out of character is posted here, be it working out ways to progress the story, plot twists, or even character relationships.

RP Chat and Feedback:
Want to talk about an RP with other people outside where it all happens? Gotta scream how awesome another story is to the rest of the board? This thread is the place to do it. Itís all about talking and chatting about RPís youíre participating in, giving feedback about a particular RP, or comparing ideas with other role players.

Role Play Directory:
Here is where to find a list of Role Plays that are currently active on the forum. Role Plays listed here are currently running, and is here to help find those looking for a particular kind of role play, and to prevent dead threads from being accidentally revived. Itís good to check whatís new and whatís lasting to help you get into a fun story!

The Role Play Forge:
Have an RP idea that needs a little something extra that you canít quite put your finger on? Need help with a plot design? This is the place for you. Post your idea here and members will put in some input to help assist you in the best way they can!

Role Play Terms and Acronyms:

Often youíll see some weird terms or acronyms around the forums. Not sure what they mean? Hereís a list of definitions and terms we use here in the Role Play boards:

RP Ė An abbreviation for Role Play
SU Ė An abbreviation for Sign Up
DS/DC - An abbreviation for Discussion
OOC - Out of Character, used for speaking out of character, if necessary in an RP post. This is usually kept to discussion threads.
IC Ė In Character, used for stating you are going back into character in an RP post after using OOC. In Character posts are used in the Role Play itself.
GM or RPM Ė An abbreviation for Game Master and Role Play Master respectively, the member that runs the role play of which members are participating in.

Bunnying Ė A term used for controlling the actions of another character that is not under your control or ownership. Doing this without the permission of the owner of the character is one of the things we try to avoid.

God Modding Ė This term refers to oneís characterís actions being those that are either impossible and or completely controlling of the situation, such as instant killing, gaining knowledge on impossible circumstances, or surviving impossible circumstances, even the capabilities of oneís character being that in likeness to a god. We discourage this throughout all the Role Play boards as it is highly frowned upon, and letís be honest, itís not really that fun. Donít do it.

Out of Character Knowledge [Or OOC Knowledge] Ė Knowledge of something within the RP that has only been made known, discussed or discovered outside of the actual RP itself. For example, the GM reveals a plot twist for the RP that was concealed at the start so the members have more of a story to go on, however the characters in the actual story have no idea of.

Reserve or Reservation Ė When people ask for a reserve, they're basically saying "Hey, I wanna join your RP, but my character will be done later on!" People who have finished their SU will be sure to let you know when they're finished!

General Rules of the Role Play Boards:
  • Respect all players, please to not spam or flame any members. Be respectful of everyone!
  • Avoid necroposting. Check the RP Directory for active Role Plays, and avoid posting in dead threads! Check the dates of the last post in a thread before you post!
  • Try to avoid creating an RP of similar story and plot to that of which already exists. Try to keep from posting another role play thatís extremely similar to anotherís!
  • Post only your own creations. Plagiarism is a big no-no on the forums and will get you into a lot of trouble.
  • Avoid chat speak. Using chat such as Ďr u l8?í is very frowned upon within role plays, we like proper grammar and spelling!
  • Remember to have fun! Thatís what weíre here for, to have a good time!

For more general rules, click here!

Role Play Board Ratings:

Here on the Role Play boards, we have a rating level of which we donít exceed in order to correspond with the rest of the forum. Usually the rating is not blatantly displayed on the role play itself, however usually within the internal rules of the role play, it will mention what level of romance, swearing and such is allowed.

Here are some things to try and avoid with Role Plays considered PG 13 level:

-Excessive amounts of cursing: We donít need a long trail of every word that would end up getting your mouth power washed in seconds. The occasional curse is alright if the role play permits it. Should a character of yours be such a potty mouth, rather than ending up writing out each word, use something more along the lines of: ĎAnd then he continued muttered a long trail of profanities.í

-Romantic scenes: A lot of times, anything beyond a kiss/snuggle will be fine for everyone else to read, again if the role play you are in permits it. Remember to check the internal rules of the RP!

-Scenes of intense violence and detailed gore: This isnít entirely frowned upon, and sometimes the GM will mention if the RP will have violence involved in it. If you need to post something bloody and violent, keep it in spoiler tags with a warning for other role players who may not want to read it, or any followers of your role play that happen to be reading your adventures!

Here are the following things that are not allowed to be displayed in any public role play posts and are entirely restricted to PM if you MUST play them out:

Highly detailed romance scenes involving intercourse: Just donít do it in public, chances are no one wants to see it, so keep it to PMís. Anything like this posted will be removed accordingly by a mod. Remember: if itís over a rating of 16, most likely, itís not for public eye.

Writing of extremely graphic and disturbing events: things such as rape, intense murder, arenít going to get you a lot of places. Killings are toned down and are usually contained in the background if need be. If intense things are even put into spoiler tags, it is subject to being removed if it is found inappropriate.
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