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Default Re: Basic Guide to Role Playing - For the New!

Managing your Role Play: The Adventure Continues...

So youíve got your role play, members rearing to go on with an awesome story that you and maybe a friend helped create. You may be thinking to yourself, what should I know to get started and keep it afloat? How to I avoid the dreaded Dead status? How do I even start my role play? That is what the this thread is all about!

Accepting members into your Role Play:

You have your character that you made for your role play, itís sheet all made up and dandy. You know youíre accepted because youíre the game master, youíve got your approval. Then thereís everyone else whoís posted their character sheet, all completed and awaiting approval, the only thing the Role Play Master or Game Master can do. Here are some things to consider while looking to accept other characters in your role play:

Did they follow your rules and the RP rules?
Look at the character to see if their character follows the rules, such as ungodly powers, a ridiculous history that doesnít make any sense. Sometimes there are people that forget an internal rue of your role play, but donít fret, a simple mention to them that they may have missed something is all you need. Remember, as GM/RPM, you reserve the right to refuse people into your role play for good reason.

If special powers are involved, are they reasonable?
Sometimes people post characters with beyond sublime abilities that are godly. Godly abilities are usually something to be very cautious of and disallow because of possible abuse of god modding. Look for a balance, does this awesome ability of their have a bad drawback to it? Does it have special conditions?

Is their character believable?
A character that you can believe as a character is important. Did the person make a character that sounds too much like another character from a series? Did they copy paste from an already existing character that isnít theirs? Of course itís alright to have a lot of similarities between characters, but there is a difference between very similar and a carbon copy.

Is their backstory [should it be written out] something that makes sense for that character?
Histories, though optional, some may be written in such radical nonsense that not only does it not fit the RP, but sounds absolutely unlikely to happen. Another thing to watch out for is to see if it fits with your plot, watching for any details that may or may not give that character an unfair edge or start ruining the RP for everyone else. We want everyone else to have fun!

Donít forget as GM/RPM, you have to follow your own rules as well to be fair to everyone else!

So your characters look good, people have been accepted, and now youíve posted the actual role play thread in the roe play section. The start of a new role play and another wonderful story! Next step in the process is keeping it active so it can make it to the end. How does one do that exactly?

Active Role Play: Keeping it Alive

Whiles there is no one reason for a role play to die, nor a full sure fire way of keeping them alive, one thing that always remains true is that a role playís life is reliant on the role players. Here are some tips to keep your role play active and alive:

Keep up the interest: A role play with people who are interested in it will keep it alive, even in times where posting in it are low and gloomy. A constant interest in the role play means people will stick around and stay with it for a while, and keeps up the motivation for posting!

Throw in twists and turns: As any role player, keeping the story intriguing by putting in unexpected twists and turns into it will keep people interested. Expanding on the plot is a positive thing to do as well, work together with your fellow members to do so!

Give your players a run for their money: As a GM, keeping things going can be hard, however throwing some push onto your role players to get them under pressure is one way to do it! Be it bad guys, or the planet on a critical crash course to its doom.

Discussion: Your Role Playís best friend.

Having a Discussion thread may seem like a waste of time. [At this current point in time, Sign Up and Discussion threads are put into one thread] I can assure any role player that it is no such thing. Discussions allow for players to chat out of character about the role play, discuss character interactions, where the role play may go, even in story events to happen in the future to make the story better! Everything from character romances to who is going to make the big sacrifice, to who the comedy relief is, anything and everything can be discussed, so long as it follows the forum rules of course! Even if the role play is not active, discussion shows that there is still interest for the story, and shows others that may be hovering that there is still room for them with plenty of story left for all to experience!

All role players, even though the GM/RPM may have made the original plot, contribute to the story and plot. Working together to make the plot better midway through the role play is a wonderful way to keep things interesting and fun for everyone! Even some off side character chat is permitted, as long as the entire thread doesnít consist of it, and even then you can develop not only the role play, but characters further! Discussion threads can be made at any time, before or after the role play itself starts.

Other Information:

As a Game Master or Role Play Master, you take on the responsibility of making sure your role play goes well and that itís fun for everyone. Naturally you have to be fair to everyone, but sometimes theres just that one guy that wants to mess it up for everyone else.

  • You are able to ban or restrict players from your role play with good reason. No there is no official banhammer button for this, so you can simply just post it.
  • Ensure that everyone is having fun! The rules are there to make sure everyone is on the same playing field in fairness.
  • Mediate who you let into your RP and what goes on in your role play. Of course, lets not be a spoiled sport and try to control everything that goes on, thatíd be boring and rains on everyone elses parade!
  • Participate in your own creations. Itís not mandatory, however itís a rare case on PE2K that an actual GM doesnít participate with a character in their own RP!
  • As a Role player, youíre one of a few or many working towards the story, the goal of the story, and keeping it alive until it can get to that ending!

As an RPer:
  • Ask questions! Anything to about the story, to why something in your SU or post was wrong, nothing wrong with asking and it is encourage of new role players to ask questions! If it was involving why a GM/RPM has disallowed you further from the role play, there has to be good reason for it!
  • Keep it fun for everyone! No one likes a party pooper, or the guy claiming all the glory and killing all the bad guys, so donít be that guy right nowÖor ever. Remember, modding is a big no-no!
  • Work together to keep it going! Discussions can be just as fun as the role play itself. Interacting with everyone just as much as in the role play is something you should always strive for!
  • Try and keep active! One of the number one causes, aside from real life homework, for role plays dying is inactivity. Everyone understands the trivial reality and how much real life can suck, so donít feel bad if you have to drop out though or be inactive for a little while!
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