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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG] - Book Two

Keeping the thought at the fore of her thoughts, she weaved through the air as if attempting to dodge the falling iciness, and watched as a mountain turned from a spiked lump of land below to a detailed expanse of angled land whose elements grew in size as she neared. She could spot trees dotting stray parts of the mountainside that she previously had been too high up to identify—either that or she had simply been unfocused. She gave credibility to the latter thought as much as she did the first.

She figured a rest in the trees would mostly likely keep her safe, but as she neared, the branches nearly in reach, she reconsidered. Resting in a tree would present a number of problems such as her vulnerability, which would surely attract predators. Either that or she would be sheltered none from the fierce weather which she knew was to come, and may not last. She had been caught in a blizzard once before and barely survived, and vowed never to make the same foolish mistakes again.

She was quick to find an alcove in a looming wall of rock far from the ground, so she knew she would be sheltered from any sort of beast looking to satisfy their hunger or rid intruders from their territory. It was a relief that she could sleep both sheltered from the weather and any predators which may have taken her.
As she perched on the edge of the hollow, peering out over the ground and silently staring into the distance to determine which mountain she had come from, she sighed, spilling onto the solid rock with exhaustion and disbelief. She knew it would take her a while to come to terms with her exile, and most importantly, never seeing her sister again. Or, if she did, she feared the circumstances it might be in.

The worst was obvious to her: she would face her as enemy in a fight against the pokémon she chose to stand with, or she would one day find her dead. She could have tried eventually to escape the flock’s grasp once she discovered what exactly she was wedging herself into, what treachery lay with the monsters that the flock thoughtlessly decided to join with, and wound up lost and injured in the process of her escape or the journey to find her older sister.

She found herself clenching her eyes closed and shaking her head, her fluffy wings pasted to the side of her body in a stiff reaction to her painful thoughts. She eyed the ground with sadness she hadn’t really felt in a long time. Not since she and her sister’s mother was taken from them all too early in a flying accident. They had, from then on, sworn never to part, and to be by one another’s side until they were physically incapable. As Tarla surveyed the land before her, unable to find the mountain in the distance from which she hailed, she felt her entire body flop, as if her bones had melted without warning. She would call the situation she was currently facing pretty physically limiting, but she couldn’t help but think that there would have been a way she could convince her sister, the only family she had, to join her. As much as she didn’t want her exiled from the flock that their family had been with for generations, it was more dangerous to remain with them. She wanted least of anything for her sister’s life to be put at risk.

She had always thought the flock independent. Years before when she was but a chick, the flock had been offered an opportunity to join up with a taillow and swellow flock, but due to climatic differences and assorted other factors, her flock declined. It had never accepted an offer to expand with another altaria and swablu flock either, for the sheer purpose of independence, and because it was not at all needed. There was no reason for them to meld, and therefore they did not.

But now...not they not only joined with another group that was not even a flock, but they tarnished all that they had previous stood for. It was as if some spell had been cast by a psychic pokémon to make the elders believe that they were making the right decision. She briefly considered the possibility of this and shook her head in disbelief; she had always respected the elders. They were not easily swayed or tricked, so why was this rash decision so effective?

Releasing a sigh and feeling her limbs lose form again, she turned away from the scenery, as if a promise to separate herself from the flock that betrayed her. None but her sister was blood-related, but they had still been her family. And now not even the one who was blood related was with her any longer.

Her gaze wondered further back into the cave, and she wondered how far back it stretched. She was only able to see shallowly into its depths, only a few metres in, and the rest was a black mist of the unknown. For all she knew, a beartic could have been jammed at the back, calculating the right moment to leap on her and take her life, and then her meat. Nervous, she glanced down the length of her body and tried to convince herself that she looked fairly devoid of meat, and not to be overly tasty. She didn’t eat much meat, but she knew she would have a taste for it when she evolved, as altaria often did. She suspected being part dragon-type had something to do with that. Even though she might not have thought herself nutritionally enticing, it was not herself she needed to convince.

She had to take her chances, and settled where she stood. The chill of the growing winds blasted into the cave, and she shook with the cold, wondering to herself how much she would be able to withstand. The mountain she had lived on was not extensively elevated, and the spot she had presently chosen to rest was at a much higher altitude. It wasn’t much colder than what she was normally used to, but the many caves and alcoves at her home mountain were prefect protected from the blizzard and general weather. Her flock would usually wander near to the back of their caves, and she knew that remaining where she was at the mouth was going to freeze her wings and meld her beak shut—if she could stay put long enough to allow that to occur. She feared she would freeze to death before that happened.

Once more averting her gaze to the ends of the cave, she hoped that it would suddenly become lighter so that she could see. She was hesitant to use a dragonbreath to light the darkness that dove so deeply into the cave, in case she aggravated a pokémon who had called the particular cave home for a period of time she had no chance of matching.

After a good ten minutes of internal debate with herself, she had come to the conclusion that even if she did disturb a pokémon who would clearly not be happy, she could simply fly back out.

She swallowed the lump in her throat and planted her feet. Contemplation soaked her stance before she finally jerked out of her frozen form and brewed a hot batch of sheltered flames. She felt her throat tumble with the dragonbreath as she inhaled once more and fired, sending a crackling stream through the darkness. She watched as little nooks and crannies in the shapeless walls were revealed, the pebbles scattered along the floor also brightening. She noticed that the cave was not long and rounded off only about ten metres away, but right as she silenced her attack, she noticed something peculiar.

She furrowed her brow feathers and fired again, this time short and sharp, like a huff, and expelled a sphere of the dark matter down the left wall, watching as it shot straight through a passage that was to the left of the rounded off section of the cave. Essentially the cave continued on, rather than stopping at the far wall, to the left. She watched as it dissipated before hitting anything, as a fireball composed of dragonbreath was often not stable enough to keep its composition until it hit the target if it was far from when the ball began.

She curiously began to take tiny steps toward it. Her mind warned her against such actions, and encouraged contentment with the end of the cave, the part with a dipped wall which would cradle her and keep her alert if something did come out of the left (or right, if she faced the entrance) passage. If something happened to fly or climb to the cave’s lip before entering the mouth, she would also be prepared. Like her, she assumed any pokémon that could appear would see only endless darkness to begin with, so if escape was necessary, she believed she would have the advantage. Despite struggles against it, curiosity battled with rationality and edged her toward the left passage.

She only took a few steps before she heard movement and wings, and knew instantly that they were not wings of her kind. She didn’t dare fire another sphere of dragonbreath as she stood frozen, unable to move, and knew that something was about to burst from the passage and probably swallow her whole. Worse than that, it could tear at her flesh and eventually place her eyeballs and beak in separate piles.

The imagery fluttered about her mind, and before she had a chance to react into a defensive form, the pokémon spilled into sight, illuminated by the light from outside the cave, and Tarla was thrown backward, tumbling as she unintentionally linked the experience with her banishment. She hadn’t time to identify the pokémon before she realised the force was going to fling her off the lip of the cave and onto the ground below, and struggled against gravity idea until she dropped from the ledge with a cry of distress.

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