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Default Re: King of the Hill

Pit hasn't used his powers for evil. He's fighting you for doing repetetive violent acts that you started, and you're clearly a violent sociopath. You threw me off the hill first, to boot. Like he has wings now: He's a Pikachu.

Plus, Your Greatx53 Grandfather can't tell you were supposed to be a boy: You were BORN a GIRL, AND HENCEFORTH, you were NEVER A BOY. Well, except when I gender-bended you because of the slightly altered Timeline. Plus, Destiny does not exist: There ARE very few timelines that cannot be, but you being born a girl was-and now is-completely possible (hell, me being born a girl was completely possible.)

So you're revokation of the hill was illicit in logic, and never happened.

Pit: Pikapikapikapikapikapikapikapikapikapikapikapika!

As for what happens now...Hehehehehe...*Watches as Neo Emolga Gets swarmed with Uprising's Centurions-including Knights and Strongarms, and the Juggernaut Cannons*

My. Hill.
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