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Default Re: Pokemon Ranger~Stand By Me~

Name: Mireldis

Age: 15

Sex: Female

Appearance: Mireldis is 5"10 with waist-long silver hair that is usually in a ponytail. She has very dark eyes that, in a certain angle, can be made to look ice-blue. Adding to her Ranger uniform is a sapphire necklace, whose origin she will not speak of. However, she is very friendly if you get to know her. =)

Pokemon Partner: Glaceon (Shard , M)

Your Pokemon:

History: Mireldis hails from a cold town up high in the mountains. A few years ago, she was hiking when a blizzard struck. Deciding to hole up in a crack in the boulders, she found a flock of Pokemon who were hiding from the blizzard. Afterwards, she promised to help Pokemon in whatever ways she could. Seemingly, after this incident she was able to communicate with Pokemon in a mental manner.

Other: Other than the ability of talking to Pokemon after the blizzard, nothing much.
(Also, can Mireldis rank up to a top Ranger during the RP?)