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Default [SU/DS] Digimon: The Reckoning


There exists another world, parallel to our own but entirely separate. This world, known as the Digital World, came about from the use of digital devices such as computers and GPS. The energy of these devices created the Digital World, and residual energy created basic life forms known as Digital Monsters. This world and these beings were as real and solid as our own, except instead of being made up of molecules, the building blocks of life and matter were data.

Because it was created directly from devices such as computers, the Digital World had a direct connection to the Real World in the form of compressed data streams. This connection allows for Digimon to cross from their world into ours, and for normal people to travel to the Digital World. In some cases, Digimon befriended humans and helped them; other times, Digimon came into the Real World to conquer it. And there were cases of humans traveling to the Digital World for their own greedy ambitions. Luckily, humans and Digimon who had become friends were able to stop these threats to the worlds and keep the peace between them.

However, peace can only last for so longÖ

A Digimon known as Anarcomon had plotted for many years in the Digital World. He wanted nothing more than to have both the Digital World and the Real World under his rule. He was a Mega-level Digimon, one of great power, but he had seen how others before him had fallen and knew that even if he made an army of followers, he would be defeated by those who had come to be known as DigiDestined. Instead, he knew he needed to find a human partner from which to draw more power. He didnít dare travel to the Real World and reveal himself, though, and instead sent other gullible Digimon to the Real World to find suitable humans.

The disappearances began.

People of varying ages, from child to adult, were abducted by the Digimon under Anarcomonís control. Each was brought before him, to be brainwashed into serving Anarcomon and helping him. None of them were suitable for being Anarcomon's partner, though, at least not until a young man named Keith Williams from the United States was brought forward. Almost instantly, a twisted bond developed between he and Anarcomon; the two were partners, their fate having been decided by powers beyond them both.

Keith, however, was not of the same mindset that Anarcomon was. In fact, he was a mentally unstable young man, having a disorder similar to autism that made him extremely anti-social and childlike in his actions. This broken human wasnít seen as a valued friend, but instead manipulated and used by Anarcomon. With the power from the bond with his DigiDestined, Anarcomon enacted the next step of his plan.

Over the years he had developed a weapon of sorts. It was a cannon, one that could fire highly-concentrated data. Anarcomonís idea was simple, if not outrageous; fire the data cannons at the streams of compressed data that connected the Digital and Real Worlds, which would cause them to become unstable. Once they were fractured enough, they could be broken. For the streams were not only roads between the Worlds; they also kept the worlds separate, and without them, there would be chaos as the worlds collided and merged.


There are hundreds of minor data streams and ten major ones. The Minor Streams act as support for the Major Streams; should all ten Major Streams be destroyed, the Minor Streams will be unable to prevent the worlds from merging. Anarcomon has already destroyed three of the Major Streams, and the strain can be felt in both the Real and Digital Worlds. The backlash of so much raw data is causing normally peaceful Digimon to become highly aggressive, and the instability growing between the worlds is making it easier for them to cross over into the Real World. So far, numerous DigiDestined and their partners have been able to stop these threats, but they are becoming more and more frequent. On top of that, the data is allowing Digimon to Digivolve on their own, so there are Champions and even the odd Ultimate-level Digimon coming through.

The imbalance is also causing unusual things to happen in terms of the DigiDestined. Under normal circumstances, a DigiDestined only had one Digimon partner, but recently many DigiDestined have been finding a second partner as well. Those who have tried to find out why this is donít have solid proof, but it seems the discord going on in the Digital World is affecting Digivices and causing them to respond to multiple Digimon.


*Anarcomonís Army:- Digimon and humans (including DigiDestined) who would prefer the worlds to merge and live under Anarcomonís rule. People joining this side will be working to ensure the data streams are all destroyed, as well as stopping those who try to interfere.

*True DigiDestined: Digimon and humans (including DigiDestined) who want to stop the merging of the worlds and prevent Anarcomon from spreading his tyranny. They will stop at nothing to protect the Real and Digital Worlds and are desperate to prevent any other data streams from being destroyed and also seek a way to repair the three already broken.

*Lone Wolf: Those who seek to take advantage of the chaos for their own reasons, be they pure or corrupt.


Digivolving can happen in several different ways. A Digimon can Digivolve on their own without human help if they manage to absorb enough data, but a Digimon who has a human partner can Digivolve at will by drawing on the energy of their partner and having it transferred to them via a Digivice. There is no need for Tags and DigiEggs used for Armor Digivolving are stored in the Digivice after being found.

*Normal Digivolving: This is basic Digivolving, where a Digimon moves on to its next form, known as a level. There are several different levels- Baby, In-Training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, and Mega. A Digimon doing normal Digivolving will follow this chart and cannot ďskipĒ forms.

*Warp Digivolving: This is when a Digimon jumps straight from Rookie level to Mega level. This requires a great deal of energy and the Mega level can only be held for a short amount of time.

*DNA Digivolving: When two Digimon fuse their data and become a single entity. This can happen only when both Digimon are at the same level, and the result is the next level up (if both are Rookie, the fused Digimon will be Champion). If two Mega level Digimon DNA Digivolve, it will result in another Mega.

*Armor Digivolving: DigiEggs can be found as the RP goes on, and these can be used to Digivolve a Digimon to a separate line than it would normally follow. When a DigiEgg is found it is stored in the finderís Digivice. It can be accessed at any time, but only works on Rookie Digimon. A Digimon that Armor Digivolves cannot DNA Digivolve or Biomerge in order to Digivolve further. A Digivice can hold two DigiEggs at a time.

*Biomerging: A Digimon can fuse with its partner in a special Digivolution known as Biomerging. This happens by the Digivice converting the human into data so they and the Digimon can combine, sort of like with DNA Digivolving. A person can Biomerge with any Digimon at Rookie, Champion, or Ultimate level; any Biomerge causes the Digmon to jump straight to Mega level. Like Warp Digivolving, this takes a great deal of energy and the form can only be held for a short amount of time.

**DeDigivolving: When a Digimon expends or loses too much energy, it will undergo reverse Digivolution known as DeDigivolving. Under normal conditions, a Digimon will DeDigivolve to its Rookie level, but in extreme situations they may DeDigivolve all the way back to their Baby level. A Digimon can force itself to DeDigivolve by ďsheddingĒ excess data.


1) DigiDestined on either side can have either one or two Digimon partners.

2) This is a separate universe from any of the previous seasons, so none of the scenarios/characters from the canon exist in this. However, you can still pick canon characters, though their backgrounds will need to be changed in some places to reflect the lack of their canon not existing.

3) In the Real World, a Digmonís data is ďreconstructedĒ in a manner that makes the data take on the properties of flesh and blood organisms. Though they are still technically made of data, they can bleed from injuries, get bones broken, or have damage to internal organs, as their data replicates these features in living beings of the Real World.

4) Mega level forms can be held for the following amount of posts: 3 before reverting to Ultimate, 4 before reverting back to Champion, 5 before reverting back to Rookie automatically.

5) Most Digimon have the strength to remain in their Rookie form under normal conditions, though as the RP progresses, they can gain the power to stay in higher levels such as Champion or Ultimate.

6) Itís possible for humans to travel to the Digital World via their Digivices, but the Digital World is in a state of chaos with so much raw data flying around. Be prepared for a grueling, unpleasant trip if you decide to go there.

7) Digimon can have a gender, or if you prefer, can be genderless.


Itís entirely possible to die in this RP, though death means different things depending on if itís a human or Digimon.

For Digimon, death means completely losing their physical form and reverting back to raw data. If a Digimon dies in the Digital World, its data goes to a place known as Primary Village. There, its data is reconfigured into a DigiEgg, which spawns in a random place in the Digital World. However, if a Digimon dies in the Real World, its data must be stored in a Digivice or the data will disperse and the Digimon will be lost forever. A Digivice can hold a Digimonís data for an indefinite amount of time, but the Digimon can only be reborn if its data is sent to the Digital World.

If a human dies, they go to one of two realms; if they lived a just life and were good, they will go to the Hereafter, and if they lived a corrupt life and were evil, they go to Hades. A person can return to life, but first they must undergo a series of challenging trials to ensure they are worthy of getting a second shot at life.


1) Follow the ToS (Terms of Service, what you agreed to when first joining the forum).

2) No god-moding.

3) No bunnying unless given permission to do so by the characterís owner.

4) The occasional cursing here and there is fine, but donít drop f-bombs everywhere.

5) Light romance is fine, but keep it PG please.

6) Please be literate when posting; avoid using chatspeak or smilies unless itís in an IC email or something along those lines.

7) For the sake of the RP, please try to post at least once every few days. If youíre going to be unable to post, let someone know so they can control your character and prevent the RP from dying from lack of character interaction.


Role (what side you're on):
Description (at least one paragraph):
Personality (at least two paragraphs):
History (at least two paragraphs):
Additional Information:
Digimon (can include information such as background, personality, ect):


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