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Default Re: Digimon: The Reckoning

Kilara Blake



True DigiDestined

Kilara is 5’6” tall and weighs 115 pounds, slender and subtly muscular. Her blonde hair hangs down a bit past her knees, and her eyes are a pale jade flecked with violet specks near the pupil. She wears a sort of “dress” that ends a few inches above her knees, with sleeves that aren’t attached to the main outfit. She wears knee-high white boots, and a silver choker encircles her neck. Hanging from the chain is a blue pendant with an inverted silver triangle attached to the bottom, and strange silver earrings decorate her ears. Not pictured is a katana carried in a simple black sheath that is strapped to Kilara’s back.

Kilara is friendly and kind-hearted, and she likes to talk and tell tales. She hates senseless violence, which is one reason she wants to stop the chaos Anarcomon is causing. Despite not being a fan of violence, however, she knows there are times when one has to fight to uphold one’s beliefs and defend one’s values and loved ones. However, Kilara much prefers words to fighting. If a conflict can be resolved peacefully, she’ll do her best to see to it that things are settled with as little bloodshed as possible. Many people take this to mean she’s timid or weak; many a foe have learned the hard way that Kilara is a fierce opponent who is very skilled in wielding the sword she carries.

Kilara is the kind of person who would rather give someone the benefit of the doubt and as such tends to be too trusting. She’s been lucky so far, as no one has betrayed her beyond a minor broken promise or some such thing, but those who are close to her worry that her trusting nature may one day hurt her badly.

Kilara also has loyalty issues. She’s not lacking in that aspect; indeed, she has far too much of it. She’ll risk life and limb to protect someone she’s only known for a few minutes and oftentimes goes out of her way to help complete strangers, without expecting compensation. Those she knows well or cares for deeply tend to fret over her fiercely protective nature. Enemies learn quickly that injuring or kidnapping a friend or loved one of Kilara is both the best and worst way to get to her. On the one hand, nothing will stop her from finding the one responsible short of being physically restrained in some manner; on the other hand, when she finally finds the one responsible, she tends to be so enraged that she makes an army of rabid bears look like fuzzy cuddly rabbits. Ironically enough, she gets mad at those she loves when they put themselves in danger to help or save her.

Kilara’s life was pretty calm and average. She was born in the United States, Ohio to be exact, and her mother and father both owned a catering company called On The Go. Kilara did good in school and graduated with a grant for a college she’d always wanted to go to, though instead of going right to college, she ended up getting attached to the family business and hung around to help run it. At the age of 18 she became an Assistant Manager to On The Go.

Of course, Digimon started to appear soon afterward, and Kilara was more than happy to let others do all the fighting. She really didn’t want any part of being a DigiDestined, seeing as she disliked fighting, but fate didn’t really care what she wanted. One day, as she was out picking up supplies for the business, she stopped by her house to check her email. However, upon booting up her computer, there was a blinding flash of light and she ended up getting sucked into the Digital World via a data stream.

Once there, Kilara found herself in what appeared to be some sort of desert oasis. A black Digivice materialized before her, and the moment she touched it she sensed a powerful presence behind her. Confused and scared, she turned to see a tall and imposing creature standing before her. Pale-skinned and muscular, he was wearing a black suit, a cape, and a red mask over crimson eyes. The being said his name was Myotismon and that he’d been waiting for Kilara to arrive. Overtaken by everything, Kilara ended up passing out for a few minutes.

After some rest and time to come to grips with what was happening, Kilara quickly got over her initial shock. However, the Digital World was a dangerous place even then, and she was eager to get home to the familiar Real World. It took some doing, but eventually the two managed to catch a data stream back to the Real World. Upon returning home, Kilara’s parents were understandably uneasy and unnerved to find that their daughter had brought home a 6-foot-tall vampire Digimon. In order to put them at ease and to not be in the way too much, Myotismon DeDigivolved to DemiDevimon, his Rookie form.

Not much changed after that for the next few years, though DemiDevimon and Kilara did get into the occasional fight with what they termed Wild Digimon. However, it started getting worse on Kilara’s 20th birthday. Champion and even Ultimate level Digimon were emerging in the Real World, and the two kept hearing talk of some Digimon called Anarcomon. They also learned that data streams were being targeted and destroyed, and this was what was causing so many aggressive Pokemon to come into the Real World.

A few months after her birthday, Kilara and DemiDevimon, who’d Digivolved back to Myotismon to battle the surge of Wild Digimon that had been appearing, ran into a Mega level Digimon named Beelzemon. He was allied with Anarcomon and had been sent to wipe out any interfering DigiDestined in Kilara’s hometown. However, upon meeting Kilara, he found he was unable to destroy her. It seemed he, like Myotismon, was fated to be Kilara’s partner. He was so surprised by the sudden twist in destiny that at first he refused to acknowledge the bond. Instead, for several months after that first meeting, he channeled his feelings into anger and continuously sought Kilara, oftentimes beating her and Myotismon but leaving before dealing a finishing blow.

Eventually, though, Beelzemon ended up breaking down after a particularly nasty fight in which he inflicted a wound that was worse than he’d intended on Kilara. Apologizing and begging for forgiveness, the Digimon finally allowed himself to accept his fate instead of fighting it. Kilara, glad that she was no longer forced to fight her partner, was more than happy to pardon his actions. Her parents were less than thrilled with their daughter’s decision, seeing how much stress and sorrow he’d put the young woman through over the past weeks.

It’s been three months since then, and the constant fighting of enemy Digimon means Myotismon and Beelzemon prefer to remain in their Rookie forms to converse energy these days. Unfortunately, they actually don’t know much than anyone else despite Impmon’s previous alliance, as he was never really in direct contact with Anarcomon but instead was always given orders through other Digimon.

Additional Information:
Despite having fought each other bitterly for several months, Impmon and DemiDevimon are now good friends. However, Kilara bears twisted scars on her right hip and side from the last injury she received from Beelzemon, and it causes Impmon a great deal of distress when he sees them. As such, Kilara always does what she can to keep the scars from sight whenever he’s around.

Name: DemiDevimon

Digivolution Line: Zurumon > Pagumon > DemiDevimon > Devimon > Myotismon > VenomMyotismon

Personality: Despite DemiDevimon in general being known as impulsive liars and all-around unsavory, this DemiDevimon has a fiercely loyal and protective nature towards Kilara thanks to being her partner. He hates the idea of lying to her, though he’ll do so if he thinks it will keep her safe. He has no trouble with lying to others, though, or playing harmless (if annoying) pranks on them. His protective nature towards Kilara only gets stronger as he Digivolves; as Myotismon, it’s pretty much impossible to get him from her side, as he’s become rather paranoid that a high-level Digimon will drop out of the sky and eat her or that some other horrific fate might befall her should he stray too far away. He hasn’t gone beyond Ultimate level, though not for lack of trying. Neither he nor Kilara know why he can’t go to Mega Level, but it’s one of the things they’re trying to figure out.

History: Like Kilara, DemiDevimon led a rather average life, for a Digimon at least. This basically meant fighting for his very existence against others who sought to defeat him and grow stronger, and for a while he was rather jaded in terms of caring about others. However, as the years passed and he Digivolved, he became aware of something…calling to him. When he managed to Digivolve to his Ultimate level, the feeling became so powerful that he began to search the Digital World for the source. He was eventually led to a desert oasis, where a young human female was. Upon seeing her, he knew she was what he’d been seeking. Ever since, he’s changed in a lot of ways, mainly in the fact that he now cares more for others than himself. He’s also realized he seems to have taken on a bit of Kilara’s dislike of fighting, though he’ll throw down without hesitating to fight for her.

Name: Impmon

Digivolution Line: Kiimon > Yaamon > Impmon > IceDevimon > SkullSatamon > Beelzemon

Gender: Male

Personality: Quiet and reserved, Impmon isn’t much for crowds or attention. He prefers to remain unnoticed, as it’s easier for him to protect Kilara when possible enemies don’t realize he’s around. While he’ll talk freely with DemiDevimon and Kilara, he only really speaks around others if directly addressed or making a statement. This leads many to think he’s aloof and indifferent, but he honestly just never has much to say to others most of the time. He’s prone to bouts of depression over his treatment of Kilara in the past, and of DemiDevimon as well to a lesser extent. Like his fellow partner, he is vicious in his devotion to Kilara, perhaps even more than DemiDevimon.

History: Impmon was always a loner by nature and never really wanted anything to do with what was going on in the Digital World. However, Anarcomon recognized Impmon’s potential and, with various threats delivered by other Digimon, forced Impmon into working for him. Impmon’s main job was destroying Digimon that were clearly trying to put an end to what Anarcomon was planning, and from his many battles, he eventually reached his Mega level. At this point, Beelzemon was sent to the Real World to stop DigiDestined from crossing into the Digital World. His first foray into the Real World saw him meeting Kilara, and upon realizing his destiny as a partner to her, Beelzemon spiraled into a shock-induced rage specifically aimed at the young human. For several months he badgered her and her current partner Myotismon, beating them but never able to deal a fatal blow to either. Then, during a fight that abruptly turned brutal, Beelzemon used a Darkness Claw on Kilara and inflicted a critical injury to her right side and hip. The blow broke several bones and caused damage to a few internal organs, as well as tearing out a good chunk of flesh. When he realized how far he’d sunk and suddenly terrified of losing his partner, Beelzemon suffered an emotional breakdown. He apologized over and over, begging for Kilara to forgive him for what he’d done. Ever since that day, when he accepted his fate, he has completely given himself over to protecting his partners.
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