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Default Re: Get to Know Your Fellow Members!

1. When did you join the forum?
In September of 08
2. Which board(s) do you frequent most?
Well my section....I mean have to watch over the interactive battling boards , Im also in the trivia section a lot.
3. What do you like about that/those board(s)?
When the battling section use to be really active, It was a really cool place to be. A lot of tough trainers. The trivia board has become a second home, the people there are friendly and we have a lot of fun with are semi role playing game.
4. What was the first Pokémon game that you played?
5. What was your favorite Pokémon at that time?
Charmander !
6. What was your least favorite at that time?
tentacool or any pokemon that poisoned me a lot.
7. What is your favorite Pokémon now?
Aipom...has been since the 2nd gen
8. What is your least favorite Pokémon now?
Can I put the 5th gen as one pokemon? lol
9. Favorite type?
I'm not sure I have a favorite type..Maybe Electric or Steel
10. Least favorite type?
Poison, just dont see anything special about it.
11. Do/did you watch the anime?
use to, but haven't seen it in a long time.
12. Who is your favorite character?
Misty or Tracey
13. Favorite crime organization?
The group in the orre region
14. How often do you visit the forum?
look at my post count, what do you think...
15. What country do you live in?
16. If you could be any one Pokémon, which would you be and why?
Id be happy with Aipom, or Celebi time traveling would be nice.
17. What is your favorite animal, and why?
I have two, Pengiuns and the thylacine (its extinct :( )
18. What are some of your life goals?
Film a movie and make a comic book.
19. Are you getting tired of these questions yet?
Where am I, who are you ?
20. Finally, who is your favorite sprite art mod with the initials CC? *cough cough*
Chevy Chase,

Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

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