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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

"dont worry, Bill gave us extra !!"

As the team leaves Cerulean City Misty rushes out to say goodbye to all of them. The team waves happily at her as they head on the bridge out. Dredd tells them he will catch up.

"well it looks like this is it....."

Misty is sad but smiles
"Yeah I know, you could always stay ..."

Dredd looks at her
"You could always come with ..."

They both smile. Dredd has a new team now, that kinda needs him. Misty has her place in the gym.

"JD, one day are paths will cross again."

They hug and Dredd takes off.

"Take care of my Beauty ! for me. she wasnt looking as shiny as when I lent her to you ...Oh and the group says thanks for the tip on the Stones !"

They will miss each other but they are happy to have gotten to have another fun adventure.

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