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Default Re: Gallery/Pixel Dump

'scuse me, coming through, reappearing out of nowhere~~~

How silly of me to think revamping a r/s sprite would be less work than a g/s/c sprite!

Finally got around to editing my own trainer sprite, although I'm too terrible to change the hair to what I wanted.

& then there's these. I'm calling them pixscapes, I don't know what other people call them, don't know if they really count as sprite art, but they're sooooo fun to make in bucketloads when you're bored. That one is my b/w team. I would gladly make these for people if wanted, it's my new stress relief!

I notice mods don't need to approve shops anymore so I'm going to open this up for requests if anyone cares to make one! I need to get back into spriting after that hiatus.

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