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Default [WAR XI] URPG Section Sign-Ups

I feel this needs little explanation. Basically, to prevent whining when people won't challenge you, or inversely, to prevent people from avoiding battles from certain individuals, you're going to have to register for the URPG Section this year (that and I might be changing the format of the usual URPG WAR Section?). Of course, if you are going to register, I ask that all of you first ask your leaders for permission if you feel they might not think it in the teams best interest for you to participate. Some might care, others might not.

Any, this application:

Are You a Member of URPG?: Y/N

Yeah, thats it, really.

List of Participants:
2. Mubz [GUN]
3. Fossil Fusion [PL]
4. Ebail [PL]
5. Most Duded [GUN]
6. Wintervines [PL]
7. Brainiac [OBSC]
9. Pichu Boy [OBSC]
10. Candide [OBSC]
11. Captain Dude [PL]
12. Chainreaction01 [PL]
13. Roulette Dares [NSSF]
14. Siless [PL]
15. Ash K. [AWS]
16. Fawkes [GUN]
17. ATF [.]
18. Gman [PL]
19. LS [.]
20. Lan/Temporal Snake [NSSF]
21. The Pokemaster [NSSF]
22. Smorgasbord [NSSF]
23. Bakura [OBSC]
24. Typhlosion Explosion [RU]
25. Buoysel [PL]
26. Neonsands [RU]
27. BumbleBee [GUN]
28. Fierce Diety [.]
29. PokeViper [PL]
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