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Default Re: Pokérus Empire ® :Tausend Jahre Pokérus Reich: HIRING

Originally Posted by Lost Soul View Post
yaoo what's the word peepuls? looks like i missed a little bit of goings on,

i was thinking about rebooting the thread as well since 420 has been gone, but none of us, me included, at this point are really active, and i don't really know if i can be sure to pop in everyday but i'll try if everyone else is willing

another option is to make a temporary joint clan between PE and LMSSI, and start a new thread, with the hope that the battle center picks up activity this summer/when B2W2 comes out

or just temporarily shutting the clan down for now and all of us chatting via the general chat thread in the battle center

i'll go with any decision you guys make

no disrespect to you Tust or Van but i'd like the original members to be the ones to make the decision, though if we reboot you are both welcome to stay around for as long as you like as members/guests
lol this is what i wanted, this is your clan! Im just here to help activity ! I am here to help you guys out, Im hoping to see you guys get more active. Once things pick up and we have a good flow around here. I will start a new clan, until then you guys have me here as support and to battle with.

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