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Default Re: Pokérus Empire ® :Tausend Jahre Pokérus Reich: HIRING

Originally Posted by Daigon View Post

I was hoping you'd show up... I opt for a joint clan if there is no clan presence here i dnt think ppl will be incline to make new/join clans. Just a general chat thread seems counter-productive imo neway.
we're gonna have to make a new thread anyways so that we can edit any info we need to edit, so i'm assuming we could just start a "new" clan with the members of PE there, or we can just reboot PE in general, and should 420 return i have no problem with handing it back over to him

the general chat thread is a part of the battle center to begin with, and though it seems counter productive, it was just a possible option given how we aren't that active, like i said i'm more than willing to be around as much as possible, but i don't want to reboot the clan just for the sake of rebooting and have little or no activity

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
lol this is what i wanted, this is your clan! Im just here to help activity ! I am here to help you guys out, Im hoping to see you guys get more active. Once things pick up and we have a good flow around here. I will start a new clan, until then you guys have me here as support and to battle with.
hahaha thanks man, TBH i just don't have the drive to battle right now, so i wasn't sure if i should try to take any initiative, but as long as the members are still willing i'll be glad to help

Originally Posted by Princess_Eevee9 View Post
Forget to check this thread out for one weekend and already I missed some major things....what in the world is going on? Hmm dayum it missed Lost again need him to reinstate me for the chat!
i'll pop in right now, and seeing as how it's pretty much Dai, eevee and Hec who are the most active, with a few of the others (me included ) popping in once in a while, i'd like to know what you guys think of keeping it PE and starting a new thread? or if you guys want to do it another way