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Default Re: Languages You Wish You Knew

Originally Posted by HKim View Post
Japanese. Then we could understand all the Pokemon news coming out of Japan!
have you thought of investing in japanese translators? ;p
unless you already have some...?

i'd like to learn korean more, not because of kpop or to "UNDERSTAND MY OPPARS" but because i want to teach english there.
i want to expand my market for soap when i live there. (i make soap)
i want to help astromafia by expanding my workload from "graphics" to translating and i feel they need more korean translators.
i have lots of korean friends who i teach english, i'd love to have a break and just yammer on in korean to them.
i bake, i'd like to bake my favourite companies artists personalised cookies w/ a note not in english (they speak japanese tho too) plus thank the company even after all the hard times of the past few months.

i'd also like to learn japanese because i want to visit japan (one of my friends husbands is stationed there, i want to go see her)
plus japan is pretty.

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